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Counter-Currents/North American New Right Newsletter: December 2011

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Editor’s Note:

Due to computer problems, I have been unable to distribute our December Newsletter to our mailing list. Rather than delay it any longer, I have decided simply to publish it on our front page.

Dear Friends of Counter-Currents,

1. Our Blog

In December, we added 73 posts to the website, for a total of 1,390 posts since going online on June 11, 2010. We also added over 500 new comments.

2. Our Readership and Web Traffic

In December, we broke our records for unique visitors, visits, and pages viewed — in spite of slowdowns for Christmas and New Year’s eve. In December, we had 97,223 visits (up from 88,824 visits in November). We had 49,845 unique visitors in December (up from 44,445 in November). These visitors looked at 337,881 pages (up from 330,664 in November). Because of the holidays, we came just short of the milestones of 50,000 unique visitors and 100,000 visits. We’ll save those for January.

Month Unique Visitors Number of Visits Pages Viewed “Hits” Bandwidth
June 2010 6,145 10,328 70,732 200,824 6.08 GB
July 2010 9,387 17,329 119,254 348,172 10.01 GB
August 12,174 22,348 93,379 333,614 10.17 GB
September 17,063 34,510 147,051 580,550 16.39 GB
October 17,848 35,921 140,365 611,367 17.93 GB
November 26,054 48,336 171,833 915,553 26.39 GB
December 26,161 50,975 192,905 1,101,829 27.79 GB
January 28,583 60,005 198,249 1,736,067 34.06 GB
February 29,737 61,519 213,121 2,081,558 40.13 GB
March 29,768 62,077 220,053 2,485,001 52.21 GB
April 20,091 58,037 223,291 2,729,449 54.65 GB
May 36,596 78,103 274,841 1,334,472 47.59 GB
June 2011 28,629 57,920 264,928 1,004,128 22.78 GB
July 2011 30,186 66,093 416,309 1,952,047 71.23 GB
August 2011 40,002 81,012 502,282 2,083,593 53.18 GB
September 2011 45,427 88,782 422,902 481,909 11.67 GB
October 2011 45,590 90,444 337,137 468,197 17.78 GB
November 2011 44,445 88,824 330,664 339,521 14.22 GB
December 2011 49,845 97,223 337,881 344,210 13.65 GB


3. December’s Top Twenty Articles (with date of publication and number of readers)

  • Trevor Lynch, review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, February 10, 2011: 4,283
  • Gregory Hood, review of Scarface, February 27, 2011: 3,556
  • Irmin Vinson, “Some Thoughts on Hitler,” April 20, 2011: 3,335
  • Andrew Hamilton, “White Nationalist Race-Mixers,” December 19, 2011: 3,264
  • Greg Johnson, “Can we Stop Pretending Now?,” December 19, 2011: 1,978
  • Christopher Pankhurst, “Emma West and English Nationalism,” December 5, 2011: 1,907
  • George Hocking, “Who are the One Percent?,” December 16, 2011: 1,892
  • Greg Johnson, “Rammstein,” December 5, 2011: 1,863
  • Irmin Vinson, “Quelques réflexions sur Hitler,” May 31, 2011: 1,812
  • Matt Parrott, “The White Supremacist Protocols,” December 12, 2011: 1,809
  • Derek Hawthorne, “Opfergang: Masterpiece of National Socialist Cinema,” December 16, 2011: 1,793
  • Will Franklin, “Somebody has to Talk Up,” November 29, 2011: 1,690
  • Michael Bell, review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, December 13, 2011: 1,608
  • Andrew Hamilton, “Jews and Whiteness,” December 9, 2011: 1,603
  • Daniel W. Michaels, “Exposing Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe,” April 21, 2011, 1,564
  • Vic Olvir, “Sylvia Plath: Stasis in Darkness,” November 9, 2010: 1,564
  • Aric Kartman, “Christmas Shopping in Multicultural Hell,” December 22, 2011: 1,493
  • Gregory Hood, “Deconstructing Disney?,” December 14, 2011: 1,420
  • Trevor Lynch, review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the remake), December 27, 2011: 1,332
  • Jack Donovan, “Violence is Golden,” December 8, 2011: 1,290

Irmin Vinson on Hitler, Gregory Hood on Scarface, Daniel Michaels on Stalin’s plan to conquer Europe, and Vic Olvir on Sylvia Plath remain some of our most popular essays. In addition, the French translation of the Vinson article remained in our top 20 for the fifth consecutive month.

As we had hoped, Counter-Currents/NANR is much more than a blog with ephemeral commentary on the news. It is becoming an encyclopedia which people will be consulting for years to come to find racially-aware outlooks on all aspects of politics, history, and culture.

4. Where Our Readers Are: The top 20 Countries

Our web statistics program gives us a country-by-country breakdown of our readership. Here are the top 20 countries:

1. United States
2. Great Britain
3. Germany
4. Canada
5. Sweden
6. Australia
7. France
8. Finland
9. Poland
10. Japan
11. Netherlands
12. Brazil
13. Mexico
14. Italy
15. Czech Republic
16. Spain
17. Russian Federation
18. Norway
19. Switzerland
20. Slovenia

5. Where Our Readers Are: The Top 20 Cities

1. New York City
2. San Francisco
3. London
4. Sydney
5. Chicago
6. Montreal
7. Seattle
8. Melbourne
9. Atlanta
10. Toronto
11. Stockholm
12. Winnipeg
13. Mexico City
14. Vancouver, B.C.
15. Los Angeles
16. Berlin
17. Edinburgh
18. Borlange, Sweden
19. Arlington, VA
20. Washington, DC

Eight of our top cities are in the United States. Four of them are in Canada. Two are in Australia. Four of our top 20 cities are on the West Coast of North America. Five of them are capital cities: Washington, D.C., London, Berlin, Stockholm, and Mexico City. Six if you count Edinburgh.

* * *

I want to thank our writers, donors, and proofreaders; our webmaster/Managing Editor; and above all, you, our readers for being part of a growing intellectual and spiritual community.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
& North American New Right


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