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The Stark Truth  
Robert Stark Interviews James J. O’Meara

Posted By Counter-Currents Radio On November 27, 2012 @ 4:46 am In Counter-Currents Radio | 32 Comments

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Robert Stark interviews James J. O’Meara about his new Counter-Currents title The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture [4]. Topics discussed include:

  • How the book came about
  • The title and title essay
  • The sense in which O’Meara is a Traditionalist
  • The concept of Gonzo Traditionalism
  • Different contemporary models of homosexuality
  • O’Meara’s critique of the modern “gay” identity
  • O’Meara’s critique of “gay marriage”
  • How traditional societies harmonized same-sex attractions with “family values”
  • How homosexuals in traditional societies have been culture creators and conservers, as opposed to modern “gays” and their role in culture distortion and destruction
  • The role of all-male groups in the creation of civilization
  • How Right-wing, Judeo-Christian homophobia causes the breakdown of all-male groups
  • Why culture, creativity, manners, intelligence, and education today are now disdained as “gay”
  • Why uncultured oafs — rednecks, black thugs, etc. — are treated as authentically masculine archetypes
  • How homophobia makes the modern Right stupid, dull, and grungy
  • William F. Buckley
  • American architect Ralph Adams Cram
  • Noël Coward
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Homosexuality in traditional Muslim and Hindu societies
  • Alain Daniélou
  • O’Meara’s essay “The Gilmore Girls Occupy Wall Street”
  • Homosexuality and National Socialism
  • They Live
  • White popular music and O’Meara’s defense of Aryan New Age music

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