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Every 4.8 Seconds a White Woman or Girl Is Raped by Muslims in Europe

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Memes have power. Statistics have power. Which of us have not heard the statistic, bandied around universities, that 1 in 3 female college students will be sexually assaulted? Whether or not that statistic is accurate, it is a demonstration of the great ability of “sticky” facts and figures to permeate and influence the public discourse.

In this day and age of instant communication, such “stickiness” is a tool of unbelievable power for movements able to harness it. As a case in point closer to home, we recently saw a similar example of “stickiness” in the rise of the term “Cuckservative.” The cultivation of such memes allows for a spotlight to be shone on issues and questions of significance within a movement or struggle.

This is important, for the stakes could not be higher in our own struggle. We seek not just to prevent the collapse of Western Civilization, and the death of our heritage and culture, but to protect the very lives of our most vulnerable members. We are in an existential war with opponents who think nothing of raping our children, attacking our elderly, and blowing up our innocents (as we just saw in Paris). Compounding this, we are beset by groups of individuals within our ranks who are doing everything they can to speed up this process of destruction and enslavement.

For anyone who has not read of the events in Rotherham, and the 1,400+ 11-16 year old white girls who were gang-raped, tortured, and for all intents and purposes enslaved by Muslim immigrants in the UK, the British Government’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013)[1] should be a required first step to understanding the horror that besets us. For those, like us, whose minds and souls are already tortured by such knowledge, the most pressing questions revolve around how best to fight this war that is greeting us.


One important component of our struggle must be to awake the sleepwalking masses around us. We must serve as the vanguard to our broader culture, and one of the first steps in doing so is to spread those “sticky” facts that help the process of awakening take hold.

The statistics below are my attempt at a small contribution to this need.

The population of “Western Europe” is roughly 409 million. The list of nations that fall under the title of “Western Europe” is almost exactly those European countries with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

According to the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention, in Sweden, in 2013, 700 women, and 300 children, were raped by Muslims in the first 7 months of the year. They also argue that the real figures are 40%-90% higher than this, but for the sake of being conservative we will utilize the official numbers.[2]

1,000 rapes / 7 months = 142.857 rapes per month in Sweden.

Sweden’s population is 9.415 million.

409 million (the population of Western Europe) divided by 9,415,000 (the population of Sweden) is 43.44

Therefore, one could extrapolate that if rape rates hold true across Western Europe, 43.44 (the ratio of the total Western European population vs the total Swedish population) @ 142.857 (rapes per month in Sweden) = 6,205.896 white women and children raped per month by Muslims in Europe.

Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and you get 206.8632 women and girls in Europe raped every day.

Divide that by 24 (hours in a day) and you get 8.6193 per hour.

Divide 60 (60 minutes in an hour) by 8.6193 and you get 6.96 (we will round this up to 7).

Therefore, this would suggest that a white woman or girl is raped by a Muslim every 7 minutes in Europe.

However . . . these figures do not take into account the massive epidemic of grooming and gang-rape being perpetrated across the continent, most notably in the case of Rotherham.

If we extrapolate from the UK Government’s Inquiry on Rotherham, a far more terrible picture is painted.

In Rotherham 1,400 girls from the ages of 11-16 were repeatedly gang-raped and tortured over a period of 16 years.

The government’s inquiry suggests that each child was raped at least 200 times during their forced period of slavery (or, as the government calls it, “prostitution”)

1,400 girls raped 200 times = 280,000 rapes (this does not include multiple perpetrators raping a single child at once as multiple rapes)

16 years @ 365 days = 5,840 days

5,840 days @ 24 hours = 140,160 hours

140,160 hours @ 60 minutes = 8,409,600 minutes

8,409,600 minutes / 280,000 rapes = 30.034

So in Rotherham during that time a female child was raped once every 30.034 minutes

There have been documented grooming gangs and Muslim-perpetrated child rape across Western Europe. Such events are in absolutely no way limited to the UK, and seem to be equally prevalent across all European nations with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Rotherham’s population is 109,691

The population of Western Europe is 409,000,000

109,691 (the population of Rotherham) / 409,000,000 (the population of Western Europe) = .0002681

Rotherham’s population is .0002681 of Western Europe.

2 girls in Rotherham raped per hour (one rape every 30.034 minutes) / .0002681 = 7459.90.

Therefore, if rape rates in Rotherham were equal per capita to the rest of Europe, there would be over 7,000 European women raped by Muslims every hour.

For the sake of the argument, let’s posit that the rape rate in Rotherham was 10 times worse than what it is in Western Europe as a whole.  This seems drastically higher than what it would be in reality, not to mention the fact that all the experts involved felt that the number 1,400 was far lower than the actual number of children raped, but for the sake of the argument let’s just say the events in Rotherham were ten times worse than in Western Europe as a whole.

By such an extrapolation there would be 745.99 female children raped each hour in Europe, plus the original 8.619 women and children raped that we arrived at by extrapolating the numbers of Swedish women and children who reported being raped.

745.99 + 8.169 = 754.159

754.159/60 minutes in an hour = 12.569 European women and children raped per minute

60 seconds in a minute/12.569 = a European woman or child getting raped by Muslims once every 4.77 seconds. We will round 4.77 up to 4.8.

This means that a European woman or child is raped by Muslims every 4.8 seconds in Europe today.

This is an attempt at delineating approximately how many European women and children are raped by Muslims. Obviously this can only be arrived at through extrapolation. While some might quibble with the statistics, its bears repeating one more time that these figures are based only on the reported rapes from Sweden, which the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention estimated to be 40%-90% below the actual number of rapes that occurred, and through using the official numbers from Rotherham, which the UK government likewise indicated as being a number far less than what actually occurred. In addition to this, the numbers from Rotherham have been extrapolated at a rate of only 10%.


1. Jay, Alexis OBE. Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013).  Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. 2014. Web (PDF). 12 Nov. 2015.

2. “Allt fler unga flickor anmäler våldtäkt”. 8 Aug. 2013. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.


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  1. Denise
    Posted November 25, 2015 at 12:54 am | Permalink

    That’s it. I’m buying more ammo.

  2. Mr Reynard
    Posted November 20, 2015 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    After all who cares that white women, & girls are raped by brown/black diversity… They are only goyim women/girls…..Right you bleeding heart Trotskyist scums ?

  3. Ray Symm
    Posted November 18, 2015 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

    Rotherham and Sweden are two worst case scenarios. I have this white male conscience problem that won’t allow me to openly state women get raped across Europe at the same rate as those places. If it’s any consolation, I would bet that if that rate did prevail across Europe the jewsmedia would still try to keep quiet about it, but I’m not enough of a pragmatist to quote statistics as if that’s the case.

  4. G.M.
    Posted November 18, 2015 at 4:24 am | Permalink

    That’s over Six Million™ rapes per year!

  5. Chuck
    Posted November 18, 2015 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    This is a super common cultural trait amoung Muslims. Especially Pakistanis. Beware the the Pakistani trying to “be nice” and give your child candy. They will openly joke around about their grooming habits when no one is around.

  6. Franklin Ryckaert
    Posted November 18, 2015 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    There are 44 million Muslims in Europe (including European Russia, but excluding Turkey). If every 4,8 seconds one Muslim is expelled from Europe, then that would take 2444 days or 6,7 years.
    The rate of rapes and “grooming” of girls would fall accordingly. If that happens I’m prepared to shout for one time in my life : “ALLAH IS GREAT ! “.

  7. Remnant
    Posted November 17, 2015 at 11:03 pm | Permalink


    In case you have not heard, Vox Day (author of SJWs Always Lie) will be releasing a new book next month: Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America. I would not be surprised if it is bigger than the SJW book because it will really hit conservatives in a sensitive spot.

  8. rhondda
    Posted November 17, 2015 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    Rape has always been a form of genocide in war. In Muslim countries a woman who has been raped has brought shame to the family and is killed. What they are doing is bringing shame to the white race and then calling us racist if we complain. It is double kill. The thing is those in power have no shame after all these girls were lower class anyway so what the hell and they are not racists afterall. What are a few girls ruined for the common good? But there is another aspect to rape too. When women and children were regarded as possessions, it was stealing from the man. Raping white women and children is really aimed at men and then thumbing their noses at them. It is aimed at the masculinity of the rival race. Those who are subordinate (slaves) seek to become the masters. What better way than to despoil their females. Those sjws just don’t get this. They walk into the trap. I find it quite odd that feminists are not getting this. Afterall it was one of their own Catherine MacKinnon who first brought this up with regards to Serbia and made rape a war crime. What is it called in a psychological war?

  9. Stritchplatte
    Posted November 17, 2015 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    If White men were to liquidate a muslim male swine every 4.8 seconds………..

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted November 17, 2015 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

      . . . We would definitely be hearing about it.

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