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F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D. is the author of Alexandre Kojève and the Outcome of Modern Thought and many essays, articles, and reviews on topics ranging from feminism to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
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Die sexuelle Utopie an der Macht

Eugene Delacroix, "Liberty Leading the People," detai, 1830

2,821 words

Übersetzt von Richard

English original here

Es ist den Lesern dieses Magazins (TOQ) wohl bekannt, dass die Geburtsraten der Weißen weltweit einen katastrophalen Rückgang in den letzten Jahrzenten erlebt haben. Gleichzeitig verwandelte sich unsere Gesellschaft in die von Sex besessenste der Weltgeschichte. Dabei werden gewöhnlich zwei gewichtige Trends unterschätzt. Read more …

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Ludwika de Bonald teoria szlachectwa

18th cent man writing painting817 words

Tłum. Mariusz Matuszewski

English original here

W przeciwieństwie do Edmunda Burke’a i Josepha de Maistre’a Ludwik de Bonald poświęcił stosunkowo niewiele miejsca analizie rewolucji francuskiej jako takiej. Zamiast tego skupił się na zrozumieniu tradycyjnego modelu społeczeństwa, wówczas już nieistniejącego, Read more …

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Odpor v Budapešti

Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán

1,017 words

English original here

Zakázanie konferencie NPI (Národný politický inštitút) na tému „Budúcnosť Európy“ vládou prezidenta Viktora Orbána bolo bezprecedentnou udalosťou v histórii post-komunistického Maďarska. Ide o zlom pre identitárne hnutia a možno i pre samotný kontinent, keďže jeho vládcovia dali jasne najavo, že v Európe nedovolia obhajobu európskych záujmov.

Read more …

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Defiance in Budapest

Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán

1,094 words

Slovakian translation here

Suppression of the National Policy Institute’s conference on The Future of Europe by the government of President Viktor Orbán was an event unprecedented in the history of post-communist Hungary. It marks a watershed for the Identitarian movement, and perhaps even for the continent itself, as its rulers have now made unmistakably clear that they will not permit advocacy on behalf of European interests in Europe.

Read more …

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The Question of Female Masochism

50ShadesofGreyCoverArt2,570 words

“If He Doesn’t Hit You, He Doesn’t Love You.” So runs an African proverb. Or a Russian proverb, according to other sources. Or a Bolivian proverb, according to still others. Perhaps it is all three. A similar Latin American saying, “The more you hit me, the more I love you,” turns up over 100,000 hits on Google.

It is hardly a new idea that female sexuality has a masochistic component. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio 
Greg Johnson Interviews F. Roger Devlin on Alexandre Kojève & the End of History

Kojeve192249:01 / 218 words

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target or link as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click here.

Read more …

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Generation Identity Introduces Itself

wearegenerationidentity-web_2682 words

We Are Generation Identity
London: Arktos Media, 2013

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people viewed the French youth group Generation Identity’s Declaration of War against the “’68ers” on YouTube. Sympathizers quickly translated it into the major European languages without the video’s creators having to lift a finger.

Read more …

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On Wilmot Robertson

Wilmot1,024 words

Author’s Note:

These somewhat disorganized thoughts were my contribution to a panel discussion of Robertson at a private gathering in October 2013. 

Wilmot Robertson was first recommended to my attention by Sam Francis over lunch one day in 2003. The next time I saw him, unwilling to leave the matter to my initiative, he simply thrust a copy of The Dispossessed Majority into my hand. Read more …

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La libération sexuelle et le suicide racial

stuckkiss2,149 words

English original here

Discours donné au dîner de The Occidental Quarterly le 30 octobre 2008 à Atlanta, en Géorgie.

Qu’est-ce que la « libération sexuelle » ? C’est un sujet habituellement discuté en contraste avec les contraintes du mariage et de la vie familiale. Read more …

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National Socialism as Anti-Modernism?
Julius Evola’s Notes on the Third Reich

notes_reich2,205 words

Julius Evola
Notes on the Third Reich
Trans. E. Christian Kopff
London: Arktos, 2013

Evola wrote this short assessment of Hitlerian National Socialism as a follow up to Fascism Viewed from the Right. The basic thrust of the study is that National Socialism is significantly inferior to its Italian cousin from a traditionalist perspective, Read more …

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