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Living with Predators

Grant Wood, "Adolescence," 1940

897 words

We had our first chicken massacre last week. An unknown predator (likely a raccoon) got into the coop through a gap where two sections of roof meet and killed nine of our flock. The person opening the coop on the morning after the event was greeted with the sight of nine headless and upper torso-less pullets, most of which had been raised from the age of one day old. The loss is great; we had anticipated that these chicks would form the foundation of next season’s group of egg layers. Instead, they have been dispatched back to the dust . . . Read more …

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Dishonoring Honor

The current issue of the Medal of Honor, Navy version

653 words

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments regarding the so-called “Stolen Valor” law passed in 2006 which made it illegal for individuals to wear U. S. military awards that they had not legitimately earned. Read more …

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Kill Feral Cats

1,123 words

I’ve just learned from reading the local online newspaper that my California county has the very dubious distinction of having the most feral cats per capita of any county in the state. We have an estimated 11,000 of the creatures (as well as approximately 11,900 cats who are considered to be pets). Read more …

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Open Season on Poachers

941 words

Animal Poachers Should Be Executed

In 2009 the largest deer killed in North America was killed by a poacher in Ohio. After the killer was caught, he was fined over $1,500 and had a restitution fee of over $23,500 imposed upon him. He also lost his hunting privileges for life. Unfortunately, this incident was not the first for this individual. Read more …

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Dimming Down America

1,867 words

Get Ready To Buy The Light Bulbs That The Government Commands You To

I wasn’t intending to write an article on this subject because it seemed to me that everything that could be said about the topic had already been covered. Read more …

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Paper or Plastic? Neither.

1,219 words

Here’s a simple answer to a question that most people are asked several times a week that will not only take care of an environmental problem but will also help people become more self-reliant and responsible for themselves — something that most of them desperately need to do. Read more …

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Radical Naturalism

640 words

Editor’s Note:

“Deep Ecology” or “Radical Naturalism” is a way of thinking and living that has always been a part of the Counter-Currents  project. Read more …

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