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Jef Costello is that guy on the New York Subway talking to himself. But he is all right.
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Ann Coulter’s In Trump We Trust

InTrump1,508 words

Ann Coulter
In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!
New York: Sentinel, 2016

If you’ve been wishing that someone would write a book setting the record straight on Donald Trump, a book guaranteed to be a best-seller that will reach hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people, then you have got your wish. Read more …

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Take the Trumpwear Challenge

TrumpHat1,361 words

I recently returned from visiting friends in Asheville, North Carolina. On my journey home to the third world metropolis that is New York City, I decided to wear my “Trump 2016” tee shirt. The result was fascinating — and leads me to issue a challenge to all my readers.

As soon as my friends dropped me off in front of the tiny Asheville airport Read more …

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The Happening

BlackSwan1,788 words

For years I’ve been predicting it. With absolute confidence, I’ve been claiming that its arrival is a certainty. So why do I feel so surprised, and a trifle disoriented that it is now happening? What is “it”? It’s The Happening. I didn’t invent this expression. I heard a couple of people use it at the recent New York Forum. Read more …

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Objectivist Zen
Or: If You Meet Ayn Rand on the Road, Kill Her

SmurfHat2,641 words

I discovered Ayn Rand when I was 20 years old and a college student (as prescribed by Scripture). I was living at home and tagged along one day when my mother went to the public library to return some books. There I loafed around, waiting for my mother to finish her usual gratuitous chat with the librarians, when suddenly it caught my eye: a paperback copy of The Fountainhead nestling innocently in one of those tall metal racks that spin around.

Read more …

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The Left is Afraid

1,598 words

HRCRecently I returned from the most liberal place on earth. For security reasons, I cannot divulge its name or location. Just imagine a place where SJWs and aging hippies go to get in touch (no, really in touch) with their feelings, get rolfed, get high, get in a hot tub, and hope to get lucky. What was I doing there? Read more …

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“You Are the All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap of the World” 
Fight Club as Holy Writ

11,589 words

French translation here

1. I am Jack’s Most Devoted Space Monkey

I have hesitated to write an essay on Fight Club for some time, as it would mean breaking the first two rules of Fight Club. Read more …

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What Would Trump Do?
The Donald as Role Model

donald-trump-quotes-thinking-big1,626 words

“I write the best articles. No, really: My articles are the best.”

This is the sort of thing that I would write, if I were Donald Trump. It’s definitely the sort of thing I think, but my internal censor would stop it from achieving corporeal shape. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Valentine’s Day Special 
The Vermont Teddy Bear is a Giant Phallus

bhl_largeImage_2_201301141,630 words

February 5, 2014

Last night I was so bored I actually turned on Fox News. I do this now and then, with the same sort of feeling I get when I pass a roadside accident and, against my better judgment, turn briefly to glimpse the carnage. It was around 10:30, so the execrable Sean Hannity was on. After a minute or so of the usual Obamacare coverage they went to a commercial. It was then that I received the revelation, and my life changed forever.  Read more …

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Now Available in Kindle!
Heidegger in Chicago:
A Comedy of Errors

416 words

HeideggerinChicagoCropJef Costello
Heidegger in Chicago: A Comedy of Errors
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2015
144 pages

Kindle edition: $2.99

Hardcover: $30

Paperback: $16

Print edition release date: Monday, December 28th

What would have happened if the notoriously obscure German philosopher Martin Heidegger had visited America? Read more …

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Living in Truth: A Yuletide Homily


Philippe de Champaigne, “Saint Augustin,” 1645-1650

2,587 words

The key problem of our age is disconnection from truth. This takes several distinct forms. The first, and most obvious, is the prevalence of lies. As everyone knows, modern, western civilization is founded upon lies about human nature, culture, and history. The most significant of these – underlying, in one form of another, most of the rest – is the equality lie; the myth of human equality, which is the chief myth of our age. (“Myth,” as most of my readers know, can have a positive or a negative connotation, as there are salutary myths; here, obviously, I am using the term in its purely negative sense.)  Read more …

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