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Michael Bell writes about race and popular culture from a Radical Traditionalist point of view.
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Warcraft: A Lore Primer

Warcraft3,432 words

Last Friday at the convention known across gaming fandom as Blizzcon, the full trailer was released for the upcoming film Warcraft, which will be based of course on the Warcraft and World of Warcraft video game series. As an ardent fan of the games, I was filled with enthusiasm and impatience upon watching it. I rarely go to the movies anymore, but for a film that cinematizes one of my favorite games, I would surely be there on opening day. It will be out in June and will star Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar Lothbrok in the Vikings TV series.  Read more …

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El concepto de raza de Julius Evola:
Un racismo de tres grados

4,660 words

Traducción por A. Garrido

Enlace original en

Desde el surgimiento de la antropología física, la definición del término “raza” ha sufrido varios cambios. En 1899, William Z. Ripley declaraba que, “La raza, propiamente hablando, es responsable sólo de aquellas peculiaridades, mentales o corporales, que son transmitidas con constancia a lo largo de líneas de descendencia física directa” [1].  Read more …

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Race in A Game of Thrones

4,683 words

gameofthronesHigh fantasy literature is defined as a subgenre of fantasy literature wherein the stories told include, but are not limited to, alternate worlds with their own consistent sets of physical laws; characters who experience a coming-of-age or other form of inner development; a quest or several quests with the goal of triumphing over an evil force; the existence of magic or other supernatural powers; and, more often than not, the presence of different races or nations within these alternate worlds.

Read more …

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O podstatě skutečného multikulturního obohacení

880 words

English original here

Pokud existuje nějaký argument ve prospěch multikulturalismu, který slýchávám nejčastěji, tak je to ten, že rasově smíšený národ podporuje “kulturní obohacení” svých občanů. Read more …

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4,275 words

On November 11th, 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles and Microsoft Windows, to the joy of millions of anticipating gamers. Of the 7 million units shipped, 3.4 million copies were sold within the first two days at retail outlets, mostly in North America and Europe. Online sales numbered a record-breaking 280,000 within the first 24 hours. These numbers are expected to increase steadily in the coming months. Read more …

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Man’s Devolution Across Cycles:
Radical Traditionalism on Anthropogenesis

4,762 words

Hieronymus Bosch, "Garden of Earthly Delights," c. 1490–1510, center panel, detail

Concerning the genesis of modern humanity, there are two primary theories that receive credence in anthropological circles. One is the “Out of Africa” hypothesis, which argues that today’s humans are the evolved descendants of a primitive race of hominids that, 70,000 years ago, departed its homeland in Africa and spread across the globe. Upon entering Asia and Europe, these archaic humans displaced the indigenous Neanderthals through violent conflict and higher birthrates. They then adapted to their environments and gradually morphed into today’s human races through a process called localized evolution.

Read more …

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Julius Evola’s Concept of Race:
A Racism of Three Degrees

4,364 words

Spanish translation here

Since the rise of physical anthropology, the definition of the term “race” has undergone several changes. In 1899, William Z. Ripley stated that, “Race, properly speaking, is responsible only for those peculiarities, mental or bodily, which are transmitted with constancy along the lines of direct physical descent.”[1]

Read more …

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Cultural Enrichment?

1,115 words

Czech translation here

If there’s one argument in favor of multiculturalism that I hear far too often, its that a racially mixed nation fosters the “cultural enrichment” of its inhabitants. Read more …

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American Secondary Teachers

3,386 words

I have been inspired over the last several months by many of the critiques of different aspects of modern society put forth by Alex Kurtagi?. The sardonic yet brutally honest way in which he tackles airport security, telephone technical assistance, television—and in his novel Mister, virtually everything comprising modern democratic civilization—corresponds to the way I think every minute of every day about the things around me. This inspiration, coupled with realizations gleaned from my daily routine, produced my article “American Secondary Schoolers” in which I explained the utter hopelessness of today’s middle and high school students. Read more …

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American Secondary Schoolers

1,242 words

DANCING PINHEADSRadical Traditionalists like me believe, or should I say, know, that civilizations are organic entities that are born, grow, climax, decay, and then die. Though few are willing to admit it, this fact holds true for the United States as well. Like every empire that has come before it, “the land of milk and honey” will ultimately collapse following a series of internal and external crises. Read more …

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