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Martin Lichtmesz

Martin Lichtmesz was born in Vienna in 1976. He lives and writes in Berlin. He writes for Junge Freiheit, Sezession, Sezession im Netz, and Zwielicht-Magazin. His influences include Armin Mohler, Joachim Fernau, Hans Blüher, and Camille Paglia. He is the author of Die Verteidigung des Eigenen. Fünf Traktate [The defense of one's own: five treatises] (Schnellroda: Antaios, 2011) and Besetztes Gelände. Deutschland im Film nach 45 [Occupied territory: Germany in film after 1945] (Schnellroda: Antaios, 2010). He edited Fjordman, Europa verteidigen. Zehn Texte [To defend Europe: ten texts] (Schnellroda: Antaios, 2011).
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Casa Pound

Casa Pound2,417 words

Translated by Adam D. Smith

“With usura hath no man a house of good stone,” wrote Ezra Pound in Canto XLV. “Usura” is symbolic of the culture destroying, hostile, and inhumane reign of interest, capital, and the banks. Pound also said: “A man can inhabit one house, also another, but a third is capital with which he wants to earn money.”

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Heimkehr Revisited

heimkehr_titel1,143 words

Translated by Andreas Faust

Vorbehaltsfilme” (conditional films) are National Socialist propaganda films (or films merely perceived as such) which, in Germany, can only be shown in an academic context Read more …

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Kolberg Revisited

1,794 words

Translated by Andreas Faust

Kolberg by Veit Harlan was commissioned by Goebbels in 1943, when it could already be foreseen that the war might not be won. Read more …

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30 Years of Laibach (II)

1,894 words

Translated by Andreas Faust

Just a few remarks on the 30 year jubilee of Laibach, of whom I have recently confessed myself a fan in this blog. Since their formation in 1980 the world has greatly changed, but so have the group themselves (musically rather to their disadvantage), and from their original lineup only frontman Milan Fras and Ivan Novak remain.

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