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Counter-Currents Radio
Vico & the New Right

GiambattistaVicoStatueNaples54:49 / 99 words

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This is my lecture “Giambattista Vico and Modern Anti-Liberalism,” delivered at the London Forum on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  Read more …

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Toward a Europe of Carnal Fatherlands?

charnelles1,502 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

Racism is merely an awareness of racial differences. By no means does it imply the desire to oppress or destroy another race merely because it is different from our own. Quite the contrary! We are racist for the blacks as well as for Aryans and Jews. To revisit and slightly tweak a well-known phrase, “We are all Israelis!” Read more …

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Alain Daniélou’s The Myths & Gods of India

MythsandGodsofIndia1,661 words

Alain Daniélou
The Myths and Gods of India
Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 1991.
(Originally published as Hindu Polytheism by Bollingen Foundation, New York, 1964.)

Typically, those who profess an interest in what might be called “Indo-European spirituality” gravitate toward either the Celtic or Germanic traditions. The Indian tradition tends to be ignored. In part, this is because present-day Indians seem so different from us. Read more …

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Alain Daniélou’s Virtue, Success, Pleasure, & Liberation

Virtue1,175 words

Alain Daniélou
Virtue, Success, Pleasure, and Liberation: The Four Aims of Life in the Tradition of Ancient India
Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 1993.

One hears a great deal today about “multiculturalism,” and the multicultural society. We (i.e., we Americans) are told that ours is a multicultural society. But, curiously, multiculturalism is also spoken of as a goal. Read more …

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“Boy Meets Greeks, Boy Loses Asian Chick”
Ryan Andrews’ The Birth of Prudence

TheBirthofPrudence4,358 words

Ryan Andrews
The Birth of Prudence, 2014 (paperback and Kindle)

“You are a white. The Imperial Wizard. Now, if you don’t think this is logic you can burn me on the fiery cross. This is the logic: You have the choice of spending fifteen years married to a woman, a black woman or a white woman. Fifteen years kissing and hugging and sleeping real close on hot nights. With a black, black woman or a white, white woman. Read more …

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The Counter-Currents 2014 Summer Fundraiser 
“Up Yours”: The War on Art Joins the War on Christmas

911 words

Paul McCarthy's Tree, 2014

Paul McCarthy’s Tree, 2014

Since our last update on our Summer Fundraiser, just over a month ago, we have received 31 donations totaling $2,200 in amounts ranging from $10 to $1000. Of that amount, $234.06 will be matched by our Swedish matching grant benefactor, for a total of $2,434.06. Our total is now $33,982. We are $6,018 from our goal of $40,000 with 11 days to go.  Read more …

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Islamism is Less Dangerous than Islam

1,236 words

IslamismTranslated by Greg Johnson

The opinion proposed here differs from the conventional wisdom of the dominant ideology that sees the world in the short term and through the wrong end of the telescope. Read more …

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Paganism & Christianity, Nietzsche & Evola

1,997 words

Editor’s Note:

NietzscheSeatedThis text continues the transcript by V. S. of Jonathan Bowden’s interview at the Union Jack Club in London on Saturday, November 21, 2009, after his lecture/performance on Punch and Judy. The title is editorial.  Read more …

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Crowdsourcing Appeal 
Translators Needed for Hellstorm Documentary

hellstorm116 words

A documentary is being made of Thomas Goodrich’s harrowing Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, which exposes Allied atrocities against Germans in the closing months and aftermath of the Second World War. For excerpts, a review, and an interview on Hellstorm, click here.

Thomas Goodrich and the director of the documentary are looking for volunteers to translate the script for subtitles in the following languages:  Read more …

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Now In Stock! 
Tyr: Myth, Culture, Tradition, vol. 4

TYR Volume 4 for webviewTyr: Myth, Culture, Tradition, vol. 4
Ed. Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan
North Augusta, S.C.: Ultra Press, 2014
430 pages

Paperback + US postage: $25

Paperback + Canada postage: $40

Paperback + world-wide postage: $50

Contents include:

  • Alain de Benoist on “What is Religion?”

Read more …

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