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Human Rights between Ideology & Politics:
Alain de Benoist’s Beyond Human Rights

2,055 words

Alain de Benoist
Beyond Human Rights: Defending Freedoms
London: Arktos Media, 2011

The work under review is the third by French philosopher Alain de Benoist to be translated into English, and the second translation to be published by Arktos Media. Like its predecessor The Problem of Democracy, it is a short, dense book written to challenge the authority of one of the most pompous god-terms of our age.

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Paganisme sans dieux :
Alain de Benoist et Comment peut-on être païen ?

7,186 words

1. Introduction

Le livre d’Alain de Benoist Comment peut-on être païen ?[1], comme son titre le suggère, est un appel pour un retour au paganisme. Beaucoup plus exactement, c’est un appel pour un nouveau paganisme. « Paganisme » est un terme inventé par les chrétiens pour désigner les  religions qu’ils souhaitaient supplanter. Le « néo-paganisme » est la tentative pour revenir à ces religions préchrétiennes indigènes. Read more …

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Rethinking Democracy:
Alain de Benoist’s The Problem of Democracy

4,271 words

Alain de Benoist
The Problem of Democracy
Arktos Media, 2011

This deceptively brief study of democracy begins from the familiar point that the term can no longer mean much in an age when all regimes claim to be democratic. Read more …

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The Cause of the Peoples?

1,236 words

Translated by Michael O’Meara

Editor’s Note:

The idea of the “cause of the peoples” is associated primarily with Alain de Benoist. It is an attempt to fuse European ethnonationalism with a kind of liberal universalism by asserting that European ethnonationalists are not merely fighting for their own cause, but for the cause of all peoples to preserve their distinctness Read more …

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Community of Destiny or Community of Tribes?:
Alain de Benoist’s Nous et les autres

2,270 words

Alain de Benoist
Nous et les autres:
e de l’identité
Paris: Krisis, 2006

Distinct to modernity — particularly to Europe and the European world of the last 200 years — is the question of identity.

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