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Francis Bacon:
The Dark Theology of Meat

2,046 words

Francis Bacon, 1909–1992

Francis Bacon, 1909–1992

Francis Bacon was an extraordinary and extreme artist and one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century. He was also a Right-wing elitist and individualist who approached the problem of creating art in the twentieth century with an honesty and intensity that have not really been matched. Generally speaking, it is probably true to say that most of the Right dismiss Bacon along with other contemporary artists mainly because of his unique treatment of the human form. But in my view his art enunciates a violent assault on the complacency of conventional thinking and perception that should be seen as deeply consonant with the project of the Alt Right. Read more …

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John Everett Millais’ Isabella

John Everett Millais, Self-Portrait

John Everett Millais, Self-Portrait

3,789 words

If you think of the Pre-Raphaelites you will probably be put in mind of flame-haired women in medieval dress or perhaps the depiction of a scene from a biblical or mythological story. The aesthetic appeal of such paintings seems to derive from a pre-modernist craving for something formally beautiful in its own right, without any sense of remove or cynicism. And if you consider that the tail end of the Pre-Raphaelite movement preceded the emergence of Dada by only a few years then it really does seem as though the Brotherhood marked a final statement in the history of Western art.  Read more …

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Against the Turner Prize

7,006 words


Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Editor’s Note:

This is the transcript by V. S. of the audio of Jonathan Bowden’s short film Against the Turner Prize. Unfortunately, only the audio is available on YouTube. If anyone has access to the video version, please contact me at editor@counter-currents.com. Bowden talks about 25 illustrations. Without the video, however, I have had to try to provide new illustrations based on Bowden’s descriptions, frequently without success.  Read more …

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Lars Holger Holm on Modern Art

holm2,690 words

Lars Holger Holm
Hiding in Broad Daylight: An Analysis of the Political Radicalisation and Commercialisation of Artistic Modernism
London: Arktos, 2015

“Charles,” said Cordelia, “Modern Art is all bosh, isn’t it?”

“Great bosh.”

Brideshead Revisited (1945)  Read more …

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God Has Become Cancer:
Damien Hirst, Religion, & Death

Damien Hirst

Jonathan Yeo, Portrait of Damien Hirst, 2013

3,374 words

For the radical Right the issue of contemporary art is something of a non-starter. The past century or so of developments in the fine arts have been dominated by American (and often Jewish) theoreticians who have fashioned a sensibility wherein anything that smacks of European tradition is automatically verboten, unless it can be refracted through a distorting lens of ironic detachment or disinheritance.  Read more …

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Bi-Coastal Adventures in Modern Art

Charles Krafft and John Morgan appreciating art

Charles Krafft and John Morgan appreciating art

1,617 words

September 29th: My friend Anastasia (not her real name) hits town. She’s staying with some friends in Brooklyn and invites me to meet her at the Participant Gallery, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Anastasia’s old friend Clytemnestra (not her real name) is going to perform what is described to me as a “cat dance.” I arrive on time to find the place quickly filling up with the most appalling collection of artsy-fartsy New York hipsters and self-conscious “individualists” that I have yet seen.  Read more …

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The Paintings of Harold Arthur McNeill

Harold Arthur McNeill and his familiar Tharsis

448 words

Harold Arthur McNeill, born February 15th 1960, is an artist, poet, designer, and bookbinder living in Washington state. I first encountered his work in 2002 on the cover of the limited hardcover edition of Julius Evola’s Men Among the Ruins (Waterbury Center, Vt.: Dominion Press, 2002). I have used a number of his mordant and funny graphics at Counter-Currents. (See the “You may also like . . .” links at the bottom of this page. Click here to view his Facebook graphics gallery. Click here to view his website.) Read more …

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The Lovecraftian Art of Harold Arthur McNeill

155 words

H. P. Lovecraft is not just an inspiration to writers but also to visual artists who wish to translate his uncanny and sometimes elusive descriptions into visible realities. Harold Arthur McNeill is one of my favorite Lovecraftian artists. This portfolio of his paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphics, and book-bindings will show you why.

Mr. McNeill makes his living from his art, so if you like his work, please contact him at third_camelot@hotmail.com to arrange a purchase or a commission.  Read more …

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Thoughts on Francis Bacon

BACON_Study_After_Velazquezs_Portrait_of_Pope_Innocent594 words

Edited by Alex Kurtagić 

Editor’s Note: 

The following is excerpted from Jonathan Bowden’s Skin, a book he wrote in the early 1990s. The text has been lightly edited, mainly for punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.

Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio  
Interview with Charles Krafft

charles-krafft-ashtray71:25/ 198 words

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To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click hereRead more …

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