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The Trump Phenomenon

trumpspeaking1,727 words

I recently attended the New York Forum, which is organized by one of the founders of the North American New Right; Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing, Greg Johnson. The New York Forum is modeled after the London Forum, which is “A non-party aligned conference group for nationalists, identitarians, thinkers and commentators from across the Right,” as described on their website. You can read more about the London Forum here. And more about the New York Forum hereRead more …

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The Price of Apathy

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andrew-jackson-thomas-sully1Select faces of the Founding Fathers and former Presidents of the United States decorate our nation’s currency. The selection process is fairly basic: do something great, something worth celebrating, something worth remembering for America.

Andrew Jackson, the son of Irish immigrants, was born into poverty. In 1787, at the age of 20, he earned admission to the North Carolina bar and later moved to Tennessee where he practiced law.  Read more …

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Drop Your Ego & Do What is Necessary

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RapistsWelcomeI intended to write about the recent shooting in Philadelphia, but my train of thought took me to an unexpected destination. The specifics of this shooting were especially important to me because the shooter, who was a Black Muslim, openly admitted to shooting a white man, a police officer who was just sitting in his car at the time of the incident. Read more …

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An Open Letter to MoveOn.org about Syrian Refugees

CUV5S7_UsAASBWn711 words

I keep getting emails from MoveOn.org because I stupidly started a petition to oppose the housing of refugees in the US. Needless to say, all of their emails are an attempt to tug at my heart strings in hopes that I will see the light and accept multiculturalism as my personal lord and savior. Read more …

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Would Dylann Roof Exist in a Decent Society?

RoofGun1,102 words

Have you ever walked through your neighborhood, or through the hallways of your high school and envisioned yourself pumping round after round of ammunition into your “peers,” targeting those who constantly harass or poke fun at you?

Most of you would definitely answer that question with a resounding NO! Read more …

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Weathering the Storm

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jupiter-facts-great-red-spotOur current social climate in the United States is comparable to the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a large storm that has been raging on that planet for hundreds of years. This storm is highly destructive, but it is also highly predictable. Like all storms, the ingredients for disaster are a mixture of elements clashing together: high and low air pressure, moisture, temperature changes, etc. Read more …

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