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The Psychology of Apostasy

Il Sodoma, "The Martyrom of Saint Sebastian," c. 1525

Il Sodoma, “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian,” c. 1525

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Derek Black’s renunciation of White Nationalism raises questions of wider significance about how people form and reject beliefs. There are two basic kinds of beliefs: those you think are true based on reality and reason vs. those you think are true based on other people’s opinions.

If you base your beliefs on reality and reason, then you will change them as new facts come to light or as better arguments are presented. For example, I used to be a classical liberal, but classical liberalism grants no importance to racial and cultural differences, Read more …

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The Psychology of a Turncoat

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The SPLC, a powerful Southern Jewish hate group and anti-First Amendment organization with extensive ties to the media, police, secret police, and judiciary, has announced triumphantly that Derek Black, 24, the activist son of Stormfront founder Don Black, has renounced his views and joined the bloated ranks of the anti-white multitude. (“Activist Son of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism,” July 17, 2013)  Read more …

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