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Houellebecq, islám a Židé:
Recenze knihy Michela Houellebecqa Soumission

Fu8QH02,442 words

English original here

Nejnovější román Michela Houllebecqa Soumission vyvolal ohromný rozruch. Kniha popisuje nástup k moci islamistického prezidenta ve Francii roku 2022 a předvídatelně byla označena za islamofobní. Načasování vydání knihy souběžně s masakrem v Charlie Hebdo – kdy skupina ve Francii narozených nespokojených muslimů povraždila několik levicově liberálních karikaturistů a Židů – bylo z hlediska marketingu knihy dokonalé. Read more …

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Уелбек, ислямът и евреите:
Анотация на Подчинение на Мишел Уелбек

2,835 думи

Fu8QH0English original here

Гийом Дуроше

Последният роман на Мишел Уелбек “Подчинение“ предизвика огромен интерес. Книгата описва идването на власт във Франция на президент ислямист през 2022г. и очаквано е набедена за ислямофобска. Атентатът над Шарли Ебдо – няколко разгневени мюсюлмани родени във Франция убиват ляво-либерални карикатуристи и евреи – се проведе в най-подходящото време, за да увеличи продажбите на книгата. Действително “Подчинение“ е нещо, станало изключително рядко – succès européen (за разлика от обичайния паневропейски панаир на културата, състоящ се от холивудски блокбъстъри и дегенерирала бритпоп музика). Read more …

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Houellebecq, Islam, & the Jews:
A Review of Michel Houellebecq’s Soumission

Fu8QH02,916 words

Translations: Bulgarian, Czech

Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel, Soumission, has attracted enormous attention. The book portrays the coming to power of an Islamist president in France in 2022 and has predictably been condemned as Islamophobic. The timing of the Charlie Hebdo massacres – a few disgruntled French-born Muslims murdering left-liberal cartoonists and Jews – could not have been better in terms of boosting sales. Indeed, Soumission is already that rarest of things: a succès européen (rather than our usual pan-European cultural fare of Hollywood blockbusters and degenerate Anglo pop music). Read more …

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The Stark Truth  
Greg Johnson on Wealth Redistribution

Frans Francken the Younger (Antwerp 1581 - 1642), "Death and the Miser"

Frans Francken the Younger (Antwerp 1581 – 1642), “Death and the Miser”

61:47 / 382 words

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Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson on wealth redistribution and related topics:

  • Paleolibertarianism and the Tea Party as attempts to channel white political and economic anxieties into race-neutral, free market policies that undermine white racial interests  Read more …
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Two Volumes by Gottfried Feder

Gottfried Feder, 1883–1941

2,973 words

Gottfried Feder
Manifesto for the Breaking of the Financial Slavery to Interest
Foreword by Rodney Martin
Translated with a Preface by Dr. Alexander Jacob.
(Uckfield, Sussex: Historical Review Press, 2012)

This volume by Feder is the first of a series of small books by the important, albeit now obscure German campaigner against usury. Read more …

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On Usury

5,284 words

Usury does not mean high interest. It means any interest, however low, demanded for an unproductive loan. It is not only immoral but it is ultimately destructive of society. It has only been the rule of our commerce to take usury since the breakup of Europe following on the Reformation. Usury will destroy our society, but meanwhile there is no escape from it. Read more …

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