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Американская этническая идентичность.

Benton988 words

English original here

Перевод: Голубаев Евгений

И белые националисты, и их критики солидарны в одном – говорить о конкретно «белой» расовой идентичности имеет смысл только в колониальном обществе типа Соединенных Штатов, в котором иммигранты из многих европейских земель слились в общую белую расовую идентичность, Read more …

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Greg Johnson Interviewed
on Beyond the Wall

soon445 words / 2:09:30

Last week I was interviewed on Beyond the Wall, a podcast of White Nationalists from Latin America. We discuss white identity and White Nationalism in the Latin American context. You can listen here. I want to thank Beto, Cavernario, and Tercio for this opportunity.  Read more …

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The Shadow of Trump:
Interview with Il Primato Nazionale

forum2,171 words

Author’s Note:

This is the English original of an interview published in Italian on the nationalist webzine Il Primato Nazionale. I want to thank the Francesco Boco for conducting the interview and Il Primato Nazionale for publishing it.  Read more …

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Identidad Étnica Estadounidense

1,099 words

BentonTraducción por Francisco Albanese; English original here

Una opinión común entre los nacionalistas blancos y nuestros críticos es que una identidad racial específicamente “blanca” sólo tiene sentido en una sociedad colonial como los Estados Unidos, en la que inmigrantes de muchos países europeos se han confluido en una identidad racial blanca genérica, que es distinta de los grupos no blancos como negros, asiáticos y amerindios. En Europa, sin embargo, diferentes pueblos piensan sobre sí mismos como holandeses o italianos o daneses en primer lugar, no sólo como blancos.  Read more …

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American Ethnic Identity

1,031 words

BentonTranslations: RussianSpanish

A common opinion among both White Nationalists and our critics is that a specifically “white” racial identity only makes sense in a colonial society like the United States, in which immigrants from many European lands have merged together into a generic white racial identity, which is distinct from non-white groups like blacks, Asians, and Amerindians. In Europe, however, different peoples think of themselves as Dutch or Italian or Danish first, not merely as white.  Read more …

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What Genetics & Homogeneous Non-White Countries Can Tell Us About White Nationalism 

twinsters_poster_goldposter_com_22,198 words

While Twinsters is about a set of adopted identical South Korean twins reared apart who meet fortuitously through the internet, (thanks to Facebook and YouTube), Twinsters has a particular and thought-provoking relevance to race and White Nationalism.

It is well known in White Nationalist circles that it is only whites, the ‘’ultra-privileged,’’ that are expressly forbidden by the anti-white political establishment to look out for their own identity and interests. Read more …

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Vox Day Interviews Greg Johnson on the Alt Right

microphone101:47 / 334 words

To listen in a player, click here.

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target or link as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click here for iTunes and here for RSS.  Read more …

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Safe East European Home

easterneurope2,935 words

The ancestral continent of all White people, Europe, can still be roughly divided in two according to the results of World War II. The East, which remained under Communist occupation for half a century, is still different in many aspects from the West. Read more …

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The Great Reconciler

2,124 words

Trump_Trumpolini_dux_zpswvdbifo6Because the definition of fascism is so fleeting and the word itself so abused, academics who are at least a little bit serious about understanding fascism have attempted to make a fascist checklist. The most memorable points are also the most superficial. Fascists share the Myth of a Golden Age, the promise of palingenisis, militaristic symbolism and rhetoric, etc.. However, beneath the surface there is a paradox in fascism that has escaped the bourgeois and Marxist academics: Fascism is the greatest force for reconciliation between the various strands of any society.  Read more …

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Survival or Union?
The European Question

KebabsInParis4,770 words

“I don’t want a future in which politics is primarily a battle between cosmopolitan finance capitalism and ethno-nationalist backlash.” — Chris Hayes, MSNBC

Well, too bad. Read more …

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