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Ja, Roosh, Weiße Nationalisten wollen das Sexualverhalten kontrollieren

RooshTheDoosh937 words

Übersetzung Carla Smith-Haggard, English original here

Manosphäre-Blogger und „Cuckold“-Porno-Onkel Roosh „the Doosh“ Valizadeh hat gegen seine weiß-nationalistischen Kritiker zurückgeschossen, am deutlichsten auf mich. Seine Kritik ist indes so schwach und die Position, die er verteidigt, moralisch derart gehaltlos, daß der wahrscheinlichste Effekt sein wird, was immer auch an Unterstützung, durch die Alternative Rechte verblieben ist, daß diese nun versiegen wird. Read more …

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Si Roosh, los Nacionalistas Blancos quieren controlar el comportamiento sexual

RooshTheDoosh917 words

English original here

El blogger de la esfera de blogs masculinos y vendedor de pornografía de contenido cornudo Roosh “el Doosh” Validadeh ha disparado contra sus críticos Nacionalistas Blancos, principalmente a mí. Su crítica, sin embargo, es demasiado débil, y la posición que defiende moralmente vacua, y el probable efecto que traiga será secar el poco apoyo que le queda dentro de la Derecha Alternativa. Read more …

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Yes Roosh, White Nationalists Want to Control Sexual Behavior

RooshTheDoosh866 words

Translations: GermanSpanish

Manosphere blogger and cuckold porn-monger Roosh “the Doosh” Valizadeh has fired back at his White Nationalist critics, most prominently me. His critique, however, is so weak, and the position he defends so morally vacuous, that the likely effect will be to dry up whatever support remains for him on the Alternative Right. Read more …

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Roosh realmente es un defensor de la violación
(& un violador, si está diciendo la verdad)

RooshV1,687 words

English original here

Las feministas han gritado “lobo” tan seguido que he cultivado el hábito de ignorarlas, así que mi primera reacción frente a la reciente campaña contra Roosh V fue dejar de lado tales acusaciones. El típico SJW (Social Justice Warrior – Guerrero de la Justicia Social) es tan indiferente a la verdad que a menudo parecería que una parte importante de su cerebro ha dejado de funcionar. Pero incluso un reloj parado da dos veces la hora, y tristemente lo que dicen sobre Roosh es cierto.  Read more …

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Roosh Really is a Rape Advocate
(& a Rapist, if He’s Telling the Truth)

RooshV1,643 words

Spanish translation here

Feminists have cried “wolf!” so often that I have gotten in the habit of ignoring them, so my first reaction to the recent campaign against Roosh V was just to dismiss it. The typical SJW is so indifferent to truth that it often seems that an important part of her brain has simply stopped working. But even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and sadly they are right about Roosh.  Read more …

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The Evolutionary Psychologist’s Guide to Picking Up Girls

Mate1,406 words

Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller
Mate: Become the Man Women Want
New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2015

Time was when a young man did not need to master evolutionary psychology in order to find himself a girl. The adult world provided the young with ready-made social rituals for meeting, assessing one another’s prospects as a mate, and (eventually) entering into a lifelong covenant to bear and raise a new generation. Read more …

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Does the Manosphere Morally Corrupt Men?

The Dark Gods by Max Ernst, 1957

Max Ernst, The Dark Gods, 1957

727 words

Translations: GermanSpanish

For several years now, the website I read more than any other has been Chateau Heartiste, formerly known as Chateau Roissy. I also read Roosh V. from time to time. Both men are highly intelligent, and Heartiste is also a brilliant stylist, with a wicked sense of humor.

But, for all the pleasure and knowledge I have derived from these and other manosphere writers, I am increasingly drawn to the view that the net result of the manosphere is to morally corrupt men.
Read more …

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The Beta Race

"Shit Test" in Ferguson, Missouri

“Shit Test” in Ferguson, Missouri

428 words

I’m not the biggest fan of the whole “dark enlightenment” “game” crowd, but I admit they are correct when it comes to sexual dynamics, female behavior, etc. (my basic problem with them is one of prescription, not description). Some useful analogies can extend to the race situation.  Read more …

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Laughing at Our Own Reflection:
Chris Millis’ Small Apartments

smallapartmentsfilm1,095 words

Chris Millis
Small Apartments
Vancouver: Anvil Press, 2013

At first glance Small Apartments — the novel turned screenplay for the movie by the same name — is the usual pop culture fluff that generates only minor interest from the avid, serious reader. But a second look reveals much more.

Read more …

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The Sexual Counter-Revolution

1,770 words

lorenzo-lippi-allegoria-della-simulazioneGame is the male revolt against the sexual caste system imposed by feminism. The “red pill” is simply an acknowledgement that what women say they want, and what they actually want, are two different things. Even some women who say that they want a “traditional” relationship are not willing to do what it takes to get this by actually behaving like a lady, staying in shape, or not detonating a relationship over trivia. By definition, game is men learning what actually works with women and using it to fulfill their primal needs for sex, Read more …

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