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Trump Will Complete the System of German Idealism!

2,341 words

A few months ago, a delightful eccentric was interviewed on the streets of New York, claiming that Donald Trump, if elected, would “raise Thule,” as well as Atlantis. This chubby-cheeked, curly-haired, manic moppet (who calls himself “Kantbot”) went on to predict that Trump would “complete the system of German Idealism.” The video went viral – at least in our circles.

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The Metaphysics of Indo-European Tripartition, Part 6
F. W. J. Schelling & Indo-European Triparition

4,492 words

Friedrich Schelling, 1775–1854

Friedrich Schelling, 1775–1854

Part 6 of 6

1. Schelling’s Influences: The Christian Trinity and Jacob Boehme

I turn, finally, to a different Indo-European tradition, that of German Idealism of the 19th century. I include this material so as to show the perennial character of Indo-European thought. One could argue that the entire history of Western (and Indian) philosophy is a long, unconscious attempt to recollect the wisdom known “directly” by our Indo-European ancestors.  Read more …

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Heidegger at Neverland Ranch


“This is Karl-Heinz Rudiger Gunther Schraeling, The famous nineteenth-century German Philosopher.”

5,094 words

The second chapter of a novel, Heidegger in Chicago (a comedy of errors). (Chapter 1 here.)

When Heidegger awakened, he thought that someone was slapping him on his left cheek. Then he realized that he was lying on a vinyl car seat, and the car was going down a bumpy road.

It was night. Heidegger sat up slowly. His limbs were stiff. He had no idea how long he had been out, Read more …

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Nacionalismo & Racialismo na Filosofia Alemã:
Fichte, Hegel & os Românticos

3,733 words

English original here

1 – Fichte e o Destino da Nação Alemã

J. G. Fichte (1762-1814), o primeiro dos grandes idealistas alemães pós-kantianos, é uma figura importante na ascensão do nacionalismo alemão – e tem sido muitas vezes acusado de ser um dos pais fundadores do Nacional-Socialismo.

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Nationalism & Racialism in German Philosophy:
Fichte, Hegel, & the Romantics

Philipp Veit, "Germania," 1848

Philipp Veit, “Germania,” 1848

4,354 words

Portuguese translation here

1. Fichte and the Destiny of the German Nation

J. G. Fichte (1762–1814), the first of the great post-Kantian German Idealists, is an important figure in the rise of German nationalism – and has often been accused of being one of the founding fathers of National Socialism.

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