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Reframing White Nationalism

3,120 words

four-generationsWhat do we want? A white ethnostate. Much has been written about this elusive state, and I am sure there is much controversy and difference of opinion about it, so I won’t attempt to define it here. Suffice to say that the ethnostate will be a nation state founded by whites, for whites, and it will be free of the racial chaos and strife which has come to characterize multi-racial societies. White Nationalism may have many goals, but the ethnostate is the first and most important one, and to achieve it will be to win. So far so good.  Read more …

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Punching Right

akrotiri-thera-wall-paintings1,156 words / 7:44

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The goal of White Nationalism is to create sovereign homelands for all white nations that aspire to self-determination. Which means nothing less than halting and reversing the globalizing and homogenizing trends that are enthralling the whole planet and dragging it toward its doom. We are trying to turn the world around, to move the whole cultural and political spectrum in our direction.  Read more …

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On Dana Rohrabacher:
Trump’s Libertarian Nationalist Option for Secretary of State

dana-rohrabacher-associated-press-640x4801,549 words

A swell of articles has been released recently informing us that Trump’s list of possible Secretary of State picks keeps growing and changing. Some top names the list has now or previously included: John Bolton, Bush’s Ambassador to the UN and prominent neocon, described by Reason Magazine as “addicted to regime change” Read more …

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Shaun of the Dead

shaunofthedead848 words

The British have a knack for comedy. Speaking English and being comfortable with American culture, they are well-placed to fully participate in the emerging “Anglo-global” Weltkultur. By this, and their natural unpretentiousness, they have neither the wounded amour-propre of the French nor, often, the commercial crassness and/or uncultured piety of the Americans. Unlike the Frenchman, the successful Briton can triumph in Anglo-American cultural scene in a wholly décomplexé fashion.  Read more …

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L’identité raciale américaine

Benton1,287 words

English original here

Les nationalistes blancs ainsi que ceux qui nous critiquent partagent une opinion commune: ils pensent qu’une identité raciale spécifiquement “blanche” n’a de sens que dans une société coloniale comme celle des États-Unis d’Amérique, au sein de laquelle des immigrants venus des diverses terres d’Europe se sont mélangés pour former une race blanche générique, Read more …

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Time for Tolkien

aragorn-trump-levif537 words

Translated by Margot Metroland

We are in an epoch in which numerous religious, ethnic, or sexual groups are risking community-implosion by trying to impose their own values on everyone else. A time in which a certain politician we shall not name Read more …

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What Trump’s Election Means for Identitarianism

baldeagle2,336 words

Last April, I wrote an article for Counter-Currents called “What Would a Trump Presidency Mean for Europe?” In it, I — like so many others in our neck of the political woods — predicted that Trump would win the election, and I discussed the impact I thought his victory would have on the situation in Europe.

Read more …

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Privacy or Convenience: Pick One


CCTV by Charles Krafft

771 words

Now that the God-Emperor is organizing his cabinet, let us give thanks to Kek and review some of the challenges facing us.

By challenges I don’t mean, for example, Trump’s recent disavowal of the AltRight which while a tactical inconvenience is also an opportunity for more exposure than Hillary’s ground-zero denunciation of us.

Rather, I want to focus on truly critical and existential challenges — challenges that if not addressed could cripple our movement or sink it altogether.  Read more …

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hillary-clinton-pizza-502x4002,993 words

Beginning in 1997, in an English town of more than 100,000 people, eight Pakistani men stood at the core of a group involving as many as three hundred suspects who abused, gang-raped, pimped and trafficked, by the most conservative estimate, well over a thousand of the town’s young girls for years.  Read more …

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Byron Roth’s The Perils of Diversity

3,788 words

rothperilsByron M. Roth
The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature
Augusta, Ga.: Washington Summit Publishers, 2010

Incorporating all of the relevant knowledge about a subject into one volume can be a monumental task. It’s the author’s job to include only what is most important, to summarize appropriately, and to integrate disparate components to form a unified whole, a singular dissertation which can contribute to the evolution of ideas. Read more …

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