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The Last American

Trump reassures Old Glory

2,985 words

According to its leaders, the American people don’t really exist. There’s something called the United States, a landmass filled with citizens (and uniformly virtuous immigrants) who are hardworking and industrious. This geographic entity is “exceptional” and uniquely blessed by God, as are its swelling number of random inhabitants. But there’s no nation. Instead, there’s a collection of individuals, all “free,” united only by certain “principles” and “ideals.” And our leaders always say our best days are still before us.  Read more …

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yt5fm46 words

What happens to a dream defibrillated?
Does it choke you like a swallowed tongue,
never to be unmasturbated?
Or might it be sung?
Riddle me this, Elohim, so-called:
does it just deprive the eyes of light
in which to swim, appalled?
Or can it ignite?


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Sumisión de Michel Houellebecq

Submission3,647 words

English original here

Michel Houellebecq
Submission: A Novel
Trans. Lorin Stein
London: Heinemann, 2015

Michel Houellebecq es uno de los novelistas más finos, de los actualmente vivos. Su novela más reciente, Sumisión, está ahora en inglés. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Valentine’s Day Special 
The Vermont Teddy Bear is a Giant Phallus

bhl_largeImage_2_201301141,630 words

February 5, 2014

Last night I was so bored I actually turned on Fox News. I do this now and then, with the same sort of feeling I get when I pass a roadside accident and, against my better judgment, turn briefly to glimpse the carnage. It was around 10:30, so the execrable Sean Hannity was on. After a minute or so of the usual Obamacare coverage they went to a commercial. It was then that I received the revelation, and my life changed forever.  Read more …

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Escuela de Postgrado con Heidegger

3,564 words

HeideggerWritingEnglish original here

La mejor decisión que tomé en mi vida fue conseguir un doctorado en filosofía. Aprendí sobre las preguntas más importantes, y estudié los intentos más profundos en responderlas, y obtuve las herramientas y el compromiso para buscar la verdad, y me volví mejor, es decir, un hombre más sabio en el proceso.  Read more …

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Attack of the Paleosaurs
or The Dangers of Sectarianism in Politics

Graphic: Voivode Wingate

Graphic: Voivode Wingate

1,737 words

It appears that polemics against “white nationalism” have become quite the trend at Chronicles, the flagship publication of paleoconservatism. A couple weeks ago I responded to Aaron Wolf’s article “Incidentally White” at radixjournal.com, and now I discover that only a month earlier, editor Chilton Williamson, Jr. had produced a broadly similar piece under the title “White Like Me.” Read more …

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William Pierce on Ethnonationalism & the European Union 

Simon Vouet, The Rape of Europe, circa 1640

Simon Vouet, The Rape of Europa, circa 1640

1,430 words

A recurring debate in Identitarian circles is on the merits of petty nationalism and the traditional nation-states of Europe as against pan-European identity and the European Union. While nationalists in general have tended to be overwhelmingly hostile to the EU as a universalist and deracinating entity, some identitarians such as Guillaume Faye and Richard Spencer have praised the project in principle as a precursor to a racialist European Empire. 

Read more …

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Communist Camp Classic Unmasked

4,239 words

MamePatrick Dennis
Auntie Mame
New York: Vanguard Press, 1955
Reprinted as Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade (New York: Broadway Books, 2001)

Mame Dennis: Well, now, uh, read me all the words you don’t understand.

Patrick Dennis: Libido, inferiority complex, stinko, blotto, free love, bathtub gin, monkey glands, Karl Marx . . . is he one of the Marx Brothers?  Read more …

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A Note on Ethnonationalism & Pan-Europeanism


Francesco Albani, Europa, detail

523 words

A European Empire covering the entire White world would have the benefits of preventing intra-European conflict caused by competing state interests. There is no doubt that, historically, such interests have typically overridden professed common Christian or European interests. Such an Empire would also have advantages of scale not available to the medium-sized nation-states of Europe or even of the 150 million or so souls of Russia or of a putative White Republic of North America. Read more …

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Alexiey Shiropayev’s Prison of the Nation:
An Ethnonationalist History of Russia, Part 4

1,919 words

Part 4 of 4

BlessingPrison of the Nation does not cover Vladimir Putin’s era, but Shiropayev has criticized it in depth in his other writings. He considers Putin’s regime “Orthodox neo-Stalinism”: a mix of the worst elements of the Byzantine and the Bolshevik phases of the Project. It is a rule of commissars blessed by Orthodox clergy who are expanding the Empire at the cost of the white population of Russia, while promoting civic patriotism, race-mixing, alcoholism, and mysticism, Read more …

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