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The Hollow Empire 
Zero Dark Thirty

zero-dark-thirty14,016 words

Zero Dark Thirty, once this year’s favorite to harvest a whole crop of Oscars, was instead dropped down the memory hole at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.  Read more …

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Black Ops

71 words

Black Ops

No, there are no black helicopters
hovering over every breath.
And yet: are there forensic doctors
who can confirm Osama’s death? Read more …

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Body Language 
Who’s in Charge Here?

140 words

America’s leaders watch the Abbottabad raid live on SEALcam. Read more …

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Assassination or Apotheosis? 
Osama Bin Laden Really is Dead

1,043 words

With any big news story, there are three kinds of people in the audience: fools, cranks, and skeptics. Fools believe the establishment line as soon as they hear it, without needing concrete reasons. Read more …

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Murder Inc.

1,007 words

According to the US government, on Sunday, May 1, Osama Bin Laden was killed by a team of US commandos near Islamabad, Pakistan.

Three other men were killed in the raid, one of them a son of Bin Laden. A woman was also killed, but we are assured that she was killed only when used as a human shield by the bad guys. Our gallant American soldiers are better than other soldiers. Americans only kill women who get in the way. Read more …

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