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Joshua Blakeney Interviews Greg Johnson, Part 2

3,305 words

François di Nomé, The Tower of Babel

François di Nomé, The Tower of Babel

Part 2 of 4

Editor’s Note:

This is a transcript by V.S. of Joshua Blakeney’s interview with Greg Johnson, which you can listen to here. The topics discussed in this segment are: Social Darwinism, imperialism, colonialism, ethnonationalism, partitions and population transfers, the question of racial survival, and the relationship of the New Right to the Western intellectual and political tradition.  Read more …

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Séparatisme contre Suprématisme

yalta1,830 words

English original here

J’écrivis l’essai suivant en juin 2005. Il fut mis en circulation sur internet sous le nom de plume de Michael Meehan. Je l’écrivis en réponse à une proposition dans le livre d’Edgar Steele, Defensive Racism, que je découvris par une recension de Mike Polignano.  Read more …

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The Moral High Ground:
A Reply to Andrew Hamilton’s “On Deportation”

1,260 words


Detroit today

I do not intend to minimize the existential threat we whites face as a race. Whites are not merely being exploited, dispossessed, and victimized in order to support a growing non-white population. Our enemies, the anti-whites, are deliberately inflicting on our race conditions of life calculated to bring about our physical destruction. Their policy is genocide.  Read more …

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Separatismo vs. Supremacismo

1,825 palabras

English original here

Nota del autor::

Yo escribí el siguiente ensayo, en junio de 2005. Aquella vez, se distribuyó en Internet bajo el seudónimo de Michael Meehan. Lo escribí en respuesta a una propuesta del libro de Edgar Steele “Racismo Defensivo”, Read more …

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Some Thoughts on Nationalism

Abbott Handerson Thayer, Stevenson Memorial, 1903

1,713 words

Essential elements of modern nationalism existed in early times in the form of tribalism. In fact, modern European nationalism is often excoriated by critics as a form of tribalism or racism. According to English anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith, in prehistoric times man everywhere lived in small, isolated bands. Yet by the dawn of history, small tribes had become “welded by war and conquest into bigger and bigger units.” Read more …

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To Cleanse America:
Some Practical Proposals

Queen Isabella of Spain

1,069 words

Author’s Note:

The following short piece from 2002 or 2003 has the same major flaw as “Separatism vs. Supremacism,” namely, it deals with the issue in the abstract. Racial separation is not likely to happen this way. Nonetheless, it has the virtue of broadening the reader’s sense of what is morally and practically possible.

I hear a lot of defeatist talk among White Nationalists. Read more …

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Separatism vs. Supremacism

1,680 words

Translations: FrenchSpanish

Author’s Note:

I wrote the following essay in June of 2005. Again, it was circulated around the internet under the pen name Michael Meehan. I wrote it in response to a proposal in Edgar Steele’s Defensive Racism, which I learned about through a review by Mike Polignano. Read more …

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