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The Pursuit of Happiness
Objectivity, Relativism, & Well-Being

Happiness-in-Perpetuity-Painting-by-Paul-Bond-Happiness-in-Perpetuity-Fine-Art-Prints-and-Posters-for-Sale40:01 / 150 words

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Beginning in August of 1999, I gave a series of eight lectures on “The Pursuit of Happiness: Read more …

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Living in Truth: A Yuletide Homily


Philippe de Champaigne, “Saint Augustin,” 1645-1650

2,587 words

The key problem of our age is disconnection from truth. This takes several distinct forms. The first, and most obvious, is the prevalence of lies. As everyone knows, modern, western civilization is founded upon lies about human nature, culture, and history. The most significant of these – underlying, in one form of another, most of the rest – is the equality lie; the myth of human equality, which is the chief myth of our age. (“Myth,” as most of my readers know, can have a positive or a negative connotation, as there are salutary myths; here, obviously, I am using the term in its purely negative sense.)  Read more …

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O relativismu

145 words

English original here

“Filosofický” relativismus bezpochyby představuje jednu z nejhorších chorob zachvacujících naši společnost. Mezi jeho charakteristické rysy patří jeho neurčitý charakter, pseudovědecká logika a nádech tolerance (představující největší hodnotu našeho postmoderního světa), všechny dohromady mu pak vtiskují rysy, jež jej zvýhodnují oproti konkurenčním filosofickým proudům. Read more …

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