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Absolutely Delightful:
Christina Finlayson Taylor’s Villanelles & Varia

CFTaylor1,038 words

Christina Finlayson Taylor
Villanelles and Varia: Selected Poems 2004-2010 
(revised and expanded edition)
West Union, West Virginia: The Red Salon, 2016

Contemporary poetry books are one of two sorts: they are part of the mass media po-biz machine, soaked in processed agenda and dripping with carefully honed correct thought . . . or they are not. Either way, very few of them are actually what you would describe as delightful. Read more …

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The National Policy Institute’s 2015 Conference

NationalPressBuilding2,984 words

Recently on NPR, I heard an interview with Angus Deaton, the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Deaton discussed how white people in the United States are experiencing an “epidemic of despair” as evidenced by rates of alcoholism, substance abuse, and suicide higher among middle-aged whites than any other population group. Deaton surmised, and the interviewer seemed to concur, that these trends are caused by increasing economic inequality between the rich and the poor, Read more …

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Video of the Day 
Changes, “Waiting for the Fall”

time: 2:26

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