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Ja, Roosh, Weiße Nationalisten wollen das Sexualverhalten kontrollieren

RooshTheDoosh937 words

Übersetzung Carla Smith-Haggard, English original here

Manosphäre-Blogger und „Cuckold“-Porno-Onkel Roosh „the Doosh“ Valizadeh hat gegen seine weiß-nationalistischen Kritiker zurückgeschossen, am deutlichsten auf mich. Seine Kritik ist indes so schwach und die Position, die er verteidigt, moralisch derart gehaltlos, daß der wahrscheinlichste Effekt sein wird, was immer auch an Unterstützung, durch die Alternative Rechte verblieben ist, daß diese nun versiegen wird. Read more …

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Si Roosh, los Nacionalistas Blancos quieren controlar el comportamiento sexual

RooshTheDoosh917 words

English original here

El blogger de la esfera de blogs masculinos y vendedor de pornografía de contenido cornudo Roosh “el Doosh” Validadeh ha disparado contra sus críticos Nacionalistas Blancos, principalmente a mí. Su crítica, sin embargo, es demasiado débil, y la posición que defiende moralmente vacua, y el probable efecto que traiga será secar el poco apoyo que le queda dentro de la Derecha Alternativa. Read more …

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Yes Roosh, White Nationalists Want to Control Sexual Behavior

RooshTheDoosh866 words

Translations: GermanSpanish

Manosphere blogger and cuckold porn-monger Roosh “the Doosh” Valizadeh has fired back at his White Nationalist critics, most prominently me. His critique, however, is so weak, and the position he defends so morally vacuous, that the likely effect will be to dry up whatever support remains for him on the Alternative Right. Read more …

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I Am Not Going To Roar

Vincent Van Gough, Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves after Millet, 1889

Vincent Van Gough, Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves, after Millet, 1889

3,557 words

Women today are defined though the agencies of one non-desirable camp or the other. Frankly, the liberal and the oppressed camps are equally repellent. Either women “are” hairy-armpit-proud man-hating leftist-agenda queers who welcome diversity, godless paganism (if you’ve ever been to a goddess circle you understand what I mean by godless) espousing only womyn-power focused gender politics — OR women “are” soft-headed Republican sweet cheeks who get their nails done, support our troops, knit hats for premature babies, eat too much chocolate once a month, and have no brains for real politics, Read more …

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Kwestia obecności kobiet w białym nacjonalizmie

1,930 words

English original here

Istnieje pewne odwieczne pytanie: Dlaczego tak mało kobiet obecnych jest w ruchu białego nacjonalizmu?

Zanim przejdziemy do analizy tej kwestii, muszę powiedzieć kilka słów na temat tego, czym jest biały nacjonalizm. Istotą białego nacjonalizmu jest zachowanie biologicznej integralności białej rasy poprzez uczynienie przetrwania i rozkwitu naszej rasy najważniejszym priorytetem polityki. Read more …

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Ženy a biely nacionalizmus

The Siren (Siréna), John William Waterhouse, circa 1900

2,002 words

English original here

Opäť tu máme často kladenú otázku: Prečo je tak málo žien v belošskom nacionalistickom hnutí?

Predtým, než si dovolím analyzovať túto otázku, chcel by som povedať zopár slov k tomu, čo je to vlastne biely nacionalizmus. Biely nacionalizmus je o zachovaní biologickej integrity bielej rasy tým, že zabezpečenie jej prežitia a prospechu bude primárnou politickou prioritou. Bieli nacionalisti reprezentujú genetické záujmy všetkých bielych: mužov a žien, dospelých i detí.  Read more …

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Guillaume Faye’s Sex & Deviance

SexandDeviance1,906 words

Guillaume Faye
Sex and Deviance
London: Arktos, 2014

Recent events have underlined once again that Islam is dangerously incompatible with what many refer to as Western values. The murder of several employees of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is a violent reminder of this fact.

Read more …

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The Counter-Currents 2013 Fall Fundraiser 
My Top Ten Most-Read Websites (& Yours!)

T.V.O.M.1,417 words

Dear Friend of Counter-Currents:

Since our last update, we received nine new donations totaling $1,320, for which we are most grateful. That means that our total is $40,465.29, which means that we are now $9,534.71 away from our annual goal of $50,000Read more …

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Feminism versus Marriage in Virginia Van Upp’s Honeymoon in Bali (1939)

Honeymoon_in_Bali_film_poster3,816 words

Feminism is a major destructive force. Anti-male, anti-family, and anti-white, it is today a key ideological pillar of the ruling class. It is therefore necessary to look to the past in an attempt to identify healthy folkways associated with male-female relationships, sex, marriage, and family.

A 1939 romantic comedy called Honeymoon in Bali starring Scottish (or part-Scottish) American actor Fred MacMurray Read more …

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