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Abir Taha, L’Epopée d’Arya

2,192 words

English original here

Abir Taha
THE EPIC OF ARYA: In Search of the Sacred Light
[L’Epopée d’Arya : A la recherche de la Lumière Sacrée.]
Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse, 2009

Dans le roman philosophique d’Abir Taha, Arya est une déesse incarnée dans une forme humaine. Read more …

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Abir Taha’s The Epic of Arya

2,002 words

French translation here

Abir Taha
THE EPIC OF ARYA: In Search of the Sacred Light
Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse, 2009

In Abir Taha’s philosophical novel, Arya is a goddess in human form. Born in the Kali Yuga, the darkest age of the world, she is a symbol of the divine spark (Atman) that resides in every human. As she struggles to overcome her humanity, especially her womanness, the reader also is given insight into the inner alchemical process that can make men into gods.

Read more …

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