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Cable Giant Comcast Acquires Media Behemoth NBC Universal

Comcast Center, Philadelphia's tallest skyscraper, was designed by the gay Jewish dean of the Yale University School of Architecture, Robert A. M. Stern

Comcast Center, Philadelphia’s tallest skyscraper

3,233 words

Let’s start with a simple proposition: It matters who controls the mass media.

Whites will never win—or survive, for that matter—as long as a monotone mass media, funneled through innumerable channels worldwide 24 hours a day, is opposed only by leaflets, self-published books, six or seven websites blocked by most Internet filters, crudely-produced white power music denied commercial distribution, and a smattering of podcasts and primitive YouTube videos.

In a war, you must realistically assess your enemy’s resources. Read more …

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Mangelhafter Rassismus

antiracism2,095 words

Übersetzt von Deep Roots

English original here

Jeder, einschließlich selbsterklärter „Antirassisten“, ist rassistisch. Die existierende Gesellschaft ist zutiefst rassistisch, jüdisch und philosemitisch; Hass ist in ihre Institutionen eingebettet.

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Flawed Racism

2,007 words

Everyone, including self-proclaimed “anti-racists,” is racist. Existing society is deeply racist; Jewish and philo-Semitic, hatred is embedded in its institutions.

“Anti-racists” hypocritically and cynically twist and distort words. “Racist” and “hate” have ordinary English meanings, not just Newspeak meanings.  Read more …

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EUR Hour  
Communicating with Whites

56:26 / 80 words

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Elites vs. Masses

Franz von Stuck, "Torchlight Parade"

2,996 words

March 2000

One of the most profoundly depressing experiences an American can subject himself to these days is watching the various presidential candidates campaigning on his television screen. My god, what a sorry spectacle! [. . .]

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Wyndham Lewis’ Childermass:
Black Metal, without the Music

1,542 words

Wyndham Lewis
New York: Riverrun Press, 2001

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