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It Began 66 Years Ago Today . . . 
Dresden: A Real Holocaust

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German translation here

March 1995

The night of February 13th, and February 14th, Valentine’s Day, mark an ominous anniversary in the history of Western Civilization. For beginning on the night of February 13th, 1945, occurred the destruction of Dresden.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, 1945, World War II in Europe was nearly over. For all practical purposes Germany was already defeated. Italy, and Germany’s other European allies, had fallen by the wayside. The Red Army was rushing to occupy vast areas of what had been Germany in the East, while the allies of the Soviets, the British and Americans, were bombing what was left of Germany’s defenses and food and transportation infrastructure into nonexistence.

And what was Dresden? Most of you have probably heard of Dresden China, and that delicately executed and meticulously detailed porcelain is really a perfect symbol for that city. For centuries Dresden had been a center of art and culture, and refined leisure and recreation. She was a city of art museums and theatres, circuses and sports stadia, a town of ancient half-timbered buildings looking for all the world like those of medieval England, with venerable churches and centuries-old cathedrals gracing her skyline. She was a city of artists and craftsmen, of actors and dancers, of tourists and the merchants and hotels that served them. Above all, what Dresden was, was defined during the war by what she was not. She had no significant military or industrial installations. Because of this, Dresden had become, above all other things that she was, a city of children, of women, of refugees, and of the injured and maimed who were recovering from their wounds in her many hospitals.

These women and children, these wounded soldiers, these infirm and elderly people, these refugees fleeing from the brutal onslaught of the Communist armies to the East, had come to Dresden because it was commonly believed at the time that Dresden would not be attacked. Its lack of strategic or military or industrial significance, and the well-known presence of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian refugees and even Allied prisoners of war, seemed to guarantee safety to the city. Surely, it was thought, not even a the most powerful and determined enemy would be so depraved and sadistic, and so wasteful of that enemy’s own resources, to attack such a city. But the people of Dresden, who were happily attending the cinema or eating dinner at home or watching the show-horses in the circus on that fateful night were wrong, wrong, wrong. And their leaders were also wrong, for the city was virtually open and undefended and only minimal civil defense preparations had been made.

Dresden’s population had almost doubled in the months before the attack, mainly as a result of the influx of refugees from the Eastern Front, most of them women and young children. According to British historian David Irving, the briefings given to the British bomber squadrons before the attack on Dresden were curiously different. In one, the soldiers were told that their target was the railway center of Dresden. In another, they were told that the target was a poison-gas factory. In yet another, they were told that the target was a marshalling-grounds for troops in the city. Another was told that the target was a major arsenal. These were all lies.

The only marshalling-grounds for what few troops were in the area were located well outside the city. The arsenal had burned down in 1916. There were factories for toothpaste and baby-powder in Dresden, but none for poison gas. There were, in fact, no fewer than eighteen railway stations in Dresden, but only one was hit by the bombing, and that was barely touched and in fact was operating again just three days later.

According to copious documentation unearthed by David Irving from the archives of the American and British governments, the point of the attack was in fact to inflict the maximum loss of life on the civilian population and particularly to kill as many refugees as possible who were fleeing from the Red Army. In achieving these goals it was highly successful. It was thus planned and executed by those at the very highest levels of the British and American governments, who to attain their purposes even lied to their own soldiers and citizens, who to this day have never been told the full story by their leaders.

How was this devastating effect accomplished?

At 10:10 PM on February 13th, the first wave of the attack, consisting of the British Number 5 Bomber Group, began. The attacking force consisted of about 2,000 bombers with additional support craft, which dropped over 3,000 high explosive and 650,000 incendiary bombs (more commonly known as firebombs) on the center of the city. Incendiary bombs are not known for their efficiency per pound in destroying heavy equipment such as military hardware or railroad tracks, but are extremely effective in producing maximum loss of human life. The loads carried by the bombers were over 75 per cent incendiaries. In fact, the goal of the first wave of the attack was, according to British air commander Sir Arthur Bomber Harris, to set the city well on fire. That he did.

The lack of any effective anti-aircraft defenses allowed the bombers to drop to very low altitudes and thus a relatively high degree of precision and visual identification of targets was achieved. Despite the fact that they could clearly see that the marked target area contained hospitals and sports stadia and residential areas of center city Dresden, the bombers nevertheless obeyed orders and rained down a fiery death upon the unlucky inhabitants of that city on a scale which had never before been seen on planet Earth. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were literally consumed by fire, an actual holocaust by the true definition of the word: complete consumption by fire.

The incendiaries started thousands of fires and, aided by a stiff wind and the early-on destruction of the telephone exchanges that might have summoned firefighters from nearby towns, these fires soon coalesced into one unimaginably huge firestorm. Now such firestorms are not natural phenomena, and are seldom created by man, so few people have any idea of their nature. Basically, what happened was this: The intense heat caused by the huge column of smoke and flame, miles high and thousands of acres in area, created a terrific updraft of air in the center of the column. This created a very low pressure at the base of the column, and surrounding fresh air rushed inward at speeds estimated to be thirty times that of an ordinary tornado. An ordinary tornado wind-force is a result of temperature differences of perhaps 20 to 30 degrees centigrade. In this firestorm the temperature differences were on the order of 600 to 1,000 degrees centigrade. This inward-rushing air further fed the flames, creating a literal tornado of fire, with winds in the surrounding area of many hundreds of miles per hour–sweeping men, women, children, animals, vehicles and uprooted trees pell-mell into the glowing inferno.

But this was only the first stage of the plan.

Exactly on schedule, three hours after the first attack, a second massive armada of British bombers arrived, again loaded with high explosive and massive quantities of incendiary bombs. The residents of Dresden, their power systems destroyed by the first raid, had no warning of the second. Again the British bombers attacked the center city of Dresden, this time dividing their targets–one half of the bombs were to be dropped into the center of the conflagration, to keep it going, the other half around the edges of the firestorm. No pretense whatever was made of selecting military targets. The timing of the second armada was such as to ensure that a large quantity of the surviving civilians would have emerged from their shelters by that time, which was the case, and also in hopes that rescue and firefighting crews would have arrived from surrounding cities, which also proved to be true. The firefighters and medics thus incinerated hadn’t needed the telephone exchange to know that they were needed–the firestorm was visible from a distance of 200 miles.

It is reported that body parts, pieces of clothing, tree branches, huge quantities of ashes, and miscellaneous debris from the firestorm fell for days on the surrounding countryside as far away as eighteen miles. After the attack finally subsided, rescue workers found nothing but liquefied remains of the inhabitants of some shelters, where even the metal kitchen utensils had melted from the intense heat.

The next day, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, 1945, medical and other emergency personnel from all over central Germany had converged on Dresden. Little did they suspect that yet a third wave of bombers was on its way, this time American. This attack had been carefully coordinated with the previous raids. Four hundred fifty Flying Fortresses and a support contingent of fighters arrived to finish the job at noon. I quote from David Irving’s The Destruction of Dresden:

Just a few hours before Dresden had been a fairy-tale city of spires and cobbled streets . . . now total war had put an end to all that. . . . The ferocity of the US raid of 14th February had finally brought the people to their knees . . . but it was not the bombs which finally demoralised the people . . . it was the Mustang fighters, which suddenly appeared low over the city, firing on everything that moved . . . one section of the Mustangs concentrated on the river banks, where masses of bombed-out people had gathered. . . . British prisoners who had been released from their burning camps were among the first to suffer the discomfort of machine-gunning attacks . . . wherever columns of tramping people were marching in or out of the city they were pounced on by the fighters, and machine-gunned or raked with cannon fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, on this program I can only give you a bare glimpse of the inhuman horror of the holocaust of Dresden. In Dresden, no fewer than 135,000 innocent victims died, with some estimates as high as 300,000. More died in Dresden than died in the well-known attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More destruction befell Dresden in one day than was inflicted on the whole of Britain during the entire war. And yet you haven’t been told.

I urge every one of you to read The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving. I assure you, after reading Irving’s book, you will never take seriously the Establishment’s version of what happened in that war again.

What you ought to take seriously, though, is the fact that the same clique that controlled the traitorous Roosevelt and Churchill governments, whose hatred of our race and civilization and whose alliance with Communism were the real causes of the holocaust of Dresden, still controls our government and our media today. It is they who are pushing for a disarmed, racially mixed America. It is they who promote the teaching of sodomy to our young children. It is they who are destroying our industrial infrastructure in the name of a global economy. It is they who created the drug subculture and then also the police state agencies which pretend to fight it. The hour is very late for America and indeed for all of Western civilization. But if patriots will heed our call, then there is no reason for despair. For the enemies of our nation may have power, but their power is based on lies. Won’t you help us cut through the chain of lies that holds our people in mental slavery?

Source: Free Speech, vol. 1, no. (March 1995), online:


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  1. Karsten
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 3:13 am | Permalink

    I’ve been to Dresden three times, the first in 1996, when the Frauenkirche rebuild was just beginning. It is truly inspiring to see how much of the city the citizens have slowly, painstakingly rebuilt. More than most German cities, which, for obvious political reasons, have allowed much of their destroyed buildings to remain unrebuilt (Berlin particularly suffers from this), Dresden has re-created much of the city centre. Re-created, at least, from the outside — the gorgeous interiors are tragically gone forever. The city palace, for example, the seat of the kings of Saxony for centuries, has been beautifully restored from without, but within, it is bare white walls and modern stairs, corridors, and halls. The frescoes, the sculptures, the stucco, the throne room, this is all gone forever, as if it had never existed.

    The re-creation of much that was lost warms the heart; the knowledge of what is irretrievably gone breaks it.

    And lest one begin to feel too good about things, there is this obscenity committed by a Jewish architect against one of the few buildings in Dresden that were not destroyed by the bombing.

    Hilariously, the article calls it “Polish revenge on Dresden” (forgetting for a moment that it was Polish aggression and intractability that started the war), when the consequent fact is, of course, that Libeskind is a Jew, and one who takes typically perverse delight in disfiguring glorious 19th-century Historicist museums around the world with his degenerate “additions.”

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted February 15, 2011 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

      When I was in Germany in 2006 there was a great deal of excitement about the reopening of the restored Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, the treasury of the Saxon kings. In stunning contrast to the Germans’ attempts to restore the beauty of old Dresden wherever possible is the new (2001) synagogue in Dresden, which is just the Jews’ spitefully giving the finger to the Germans by creating something ugly to replace Semper’s beautiful old synagogue.

  2. Posted February 14, 2011 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    There was a great article on Rense about the fire-bombing of Dresden. I hope you don’t mind if I link to it here:

    The WWII Dresden Holocaust –
    ‘A Single Column Of Flame’

    I encourage everyone to read this article.

    The next time you hear some college professor speak of how brutal America is toward the ‘little brown people’ of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and elsewhere – and to be sure it has been brutal – remind your interlocutor that this brutality has little if anything to do with racism .

    Kind Regards,

  3. TJ McAllister
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    While I suspect Mr. Strom was attacked with fabricated and/or extremely exaggerated evidence, his name is now stuck with what he was charged for. Is it wise to link this can of worms with Counter-Currents? I appreciate Mr. Strom’s work but I think even he would approve if a site like this were to refrain from mentioning him, out of political discretion.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted February 14, 2011 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

      I looked into the Strom case, and I decided he was framed. Yes, the enemy picked a frame that seemed plausible given his persona and aesthetic tastes, a frame that grosses out even people who tend toward complete libertarianism when it comes to relationships between consenting ADULTS. But the fact remains that he was framed.

      I know that in many minds, Strom will always remain toxic and tainted. That’s why the enemy did it, people. To neutralize him, to silence an eloquent voice for our people. And it worked. Strom hardly writes anything anymore. But he left a substantial body of work that I for one will not throw down the memory hole.

      Why do you fear it is unwise to reprint Strom? Because the ignorant and foolish might disapprove? Because smear mongers like the SPLC or Hunter “I’m nutz” Wallace might try to “discredit” us with “linkages”? (Wallace has already done his worst.) Because people who know that Strom was framed but still care more about the opinions of the ignorant and the lies of the enemy might be intimidated from reading us in the privacy of their own homes or sending us the odd envelope stuffed with cash?

      When the enemy determines the parameters of respectability, then the only respectable opposition will be a completely ineffectual one, as we can see time and time again as the self-censoring, self-co-opting, self-gelding logic of “mainstreaming” plays itself out, from Occidental Dissent to Yggdrasil’s new TOQ to the bunker mentality of the AmRen astroturf conference in Charlotte.

      We cannot win by playing by those rules. So here at Counter-Currents we set up our own standards of respectability. The men I respect the most speak the truth about who we are, the struggle in which we are born, and who the enemies are. Strom told the truth, and told it well, so he was duly targeted.

      The only fault I can find with Kevin Strom is that he married an evil woman. And I suspect he would agree with me on that.

  4. Posted February 14, 2011 at 9:46 am | Permalink

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were specifically targeted because of their important catholic communities.

  5. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    Again, thank you for the moral courage and intellectual honesty you bring by presenting the excellent analysis and writing of Kevin Alfred Strom.

    We can learn from this.

  6. Stronza
    Posted February 13, 2011 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    Well, you’ve ruined Valentine’s Day Eve for me.

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