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The Woman Question in White Nationalism

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The perennial question is back: Why are there so few women in the White Nationalist movement?

Before venturing an analysis of this question, I need to say a few words about what White Nationalism is. White Nationalism is about preserving the biological integrity of the white race by making our race’s survival and flourishing the number one political priority. White Nationalists represent the genetic interests of all whites, men and women, adults and children.

But preserving our race’s biological integrity requires more than defeating multiculturalism and multiracialism. It also requires the defeat of feminism [5] and emasculation [6] (male infantilization [7]) and the restoration of sexual roles that are not just traditional but also biological: men as protectors and providers, women as nurturers.

These sex roles are norms, meaning ideals. Realistically, not every man or woman will be able to function according to them. (That’s what makes them ideals!) But a White Nationalist society needs to maintain these ideals as norms nevertheless, for even in a racially homogeneous society like Japan, feminism and male infantilization are causes of personal and social misery and below-replacement birthrates, particularly among the educated and intelligent who should be reproducing more rather than less.

Many men who genuinely wish to become husbands and fathers shy away from marriage because every man knows another man who has been emotionally and financially savaged by the punitive feminist biases now codified in laws governing marriage, divorce, and child custody. White Nationalists will change that.

Many women who genuinely wish to become wives and mothers nevertheless feel forced to pursue a career first because of a lack of men who wish to assume the protector and provider role. They want a Prince Charming, but all they see are Peter Pans. White Nationalists will change that as well.

The restoration of traditional and biological sexual norms will affect men as well as women. Indeed, it will be harder for men than for women. In a White Nationalist society, men will no longer be allowed to prolong their adolescence into their thirties and forties. They will be expected, encouraged, and enabled to take on adult responsibilities as soon as they are able. They will become husbands and fathers, providers and protectors for their families. White Nationalism will demand that men “man up” so women do not have to.

White Nationalism promises women a society in which they are free from the fear of the black and brown predators who commit the overwhelming majority of rapes. Nobody will stop women who wish to remain single and childless to pursue their careers. But the overwhelming majority of women who wish to marry and raise families will be able to find husbands who can support them and their children in stable, monogamous marriages. No matter what their income, they will be able to live in safe, homogeneously white neighborhoods. No matter what their income, they will be able to send their children to safe, homogeneously white schools. In a White Nationalist society, no mother will need to fear that her children’s livelihoods will be lost because of affirmative action, non-white immigration, or shipping jobs overseas. In a White Nationalist society, no mother need fear that her children will die on battlefields to serve the interests of other races. In short, White Nationalism has a great deal to offer to women.

So again, why are there so few women in the White Nationalist movement?

My answer is simple: Most women see politics as a largely masculine enterprise. They are correct in this. Thus women are waiting for men to build a White Nationalist movement that credibly advances the interests of our race. When we accomplish that, the women will come [8], and they have an important role to play as natural networkers, nurturers, and multi-taskers.

So White Nationalist men need to focus first and foremost on advancing our cause: building community and raising consciousness, honing our message and developing new ways of communicating it, organizing to pursue aims in the social and political realms. If we take care of those things, the woman question will take care of itself.

As for the few women who are already in our cause: that is to their credit. They are in the vanguard of their sex as well as the vanguard of our race.

The last thing the movement should do is soften our message or compromise the pursuit of our ultimate aims simply in order to court women.

First of all, we have to ask: Is the lack of women in the movement even a problem? Yes, of course, we need all the people and resources we can get. But is the existence of overwhelmingly or exclusively male groups by its very nature a problem? Yes, by all means, let’s bring women into the movement. But does that mean that all groups need to be open to women or have “gender parity”? Is our struggle against racial diversity strengthened by sexual diversity? Are we feminists, then? Are we building a rainbow? Are we nuts?

Michael Walker’s otherwise excellent speech at the 2008 American Renaissance conference was marred by his claim that he would like to see every other seat filled with a woman. That would, of course, be excellent advice if we were a ballroom dancing society. But it was not so long ago that politics was an exclusively male thing. Armies and police and fire departments were also exclusively male. Were these organizations less able to look out for the interests of women when they were exclusively male?

The truth is that sexual diversity in an organizational context, like racial diversity in all contexts, is often a source of division, conflict, and weakness – particularly if the organization is involved in something quintessentially male like fighting and self-sacrifice for the common good. Thus all-male police and fire departments were probably more effective at protecting the interests of women than today’s integrated forces.

We have to ask ourselves if this might not also be true of some White Nationalist organizations. And might some White Nationalist groups be more effective if they were all female? See Amanda Bradley’s excellent review of Women of the Far Right [9], which deals largely with women-only organizations. We need a lot more of such groups.

If sexual diversity is a source of weakness for all other political movements, shouldn’t White Nationalists – who can’t afford to pass up any tiny advantage – be eager to experiment with sexually homogeneous organizations? If our enemies are slowing themselves down by tying themselves to women in three-legged races, why should we be eager to adopt their handicaps instead of sprinting unencumbered for the finish line?

I am all for pluralism. White Nationalists need to recruit the full diversity of whites in order to reach the full diversity of whites. We need to have people from all different groups and walks of life adapting and delivering our message. We need a whole range of different organizations and strategies. Some of those organizations might be exclusively male. Others might be exclusively female. Still others will be mixed. But there is no apriori reason to think that something is wrong if a White Nationalist group or the movement as a whole does not have a 50/50 male/female ratio.

The main reason why men want more women at White Nationalist meetings is they wish to find ideologically compatible mates. But as our community grows we will be able to separate political gatherings from purely social ones, and some of those political organizations might function better by being sexually segregated. (Every normal society tends organically toward having at least some sexually segregated organizations.)

The White Nationalist community is often characterized as “misogynist.” Many White Nationalists are so afraid of that label that they will actually censor, shun, and betray other White Nationalists who are accused of misogyny. Just how cowardly and contemptible this is should be obvious.

“Hate” is the stock accusation of the enemy. Even if you offer up the most sober, scientific accounts of racial differences, you will be labeled a race hater. Oppose multiculturalism and you are a race hater. Offer up the same sort of accounts of sexual differences and you will be called a woman hater. Oppose feminism and emasculation and you are a woman hater.

The enemy controls the media and status system in this society. Of course they are going to use harsh words to stigmatize us. And that is just for starters. But if someone is able to stand up to the first accusation, he should be able to stand up to the second. The inability to do so strikes me as the sign of scandalous intellectual confusion and moral weakness. Jewish power will not be overthrown by men who are terrified of their own wives.

That said, just as there are White Nationalists who are race haters by any reasonable definition of the term, there are genuine woman haters. They are not found everywhere, but they have their bastions. They are not the majority, but they are a sizable and vocal enough minority that the movement as a whole has been characterized as misogynist. (There are also passionate man-haters, but like women in general, they are few in number.)

But why the intense mutual hatred between the sexes? Such hatred is not natural and healthy. It is the product of a sick social order.

White Nationalists hold that racial hatred is an inevitable result of breaking down racial boundaries and introducing racial competition within the same realms. Diversity and integration are not cures for racial hatred, they are causes of it.

Hatred between the sexes is also a product of the breakdown of natural and traditional sexual roles and competition within the same realms. Feminism has brought women into formerly male bastions, creating enormous resentment from men. Feminism and its corollary, male infantilization, have caused untold conflict and suffering for both sexes. Feminism in the legal system has made life hell for countless divorced husbands and fathers. Feminism is not a cure for misogyny, it is a cause of it. This means that a White Nationalist society will be the cure for misogyny as well as race hatred.

So what do we do about misogynists in our ranks? I vote we do nothing. In the appropriate venues, we need to let their voices be heard, in spite of frequent crudity and excesses. Also, remember: much of what is stigmatized as misogyny is simply salutary “sex realism” and the absolutely necessary project of restoring traditional/biological sex roles.

White men are the victims of a pincer movement. We are victimized as whites and as men. How can our movement claim any moral credibility and leadership if we demand that our racial brothers who are often in extreme pain be censored, whether the motives be feminism or misplaced conservative chivalry?

I understand that this sort of atmosphere makes female vanguardists uncomfortable, but I will simply ask you, as a personal sacrifice to the greater good, to be tolerant and understanding. Honest communication even about unpleasant matters is one of the things that sets our movement apart. And cultivating this kind of openness is absolutely necessary if we are to establish an intellectually sound vision of a white society and a strategically and tactically sound path to achieving it.

One false explanation for why there are so few women in the movement is the presence of weird men: curmudgeons, cranks, nerds, people who have been locked in mental institutions, and so forth. This would, of course, explain the relative absence of normal women. But there are plenty of weird women out there. And the reason they are not White Nationalists is that they are waiting for their weird male counterparts to make some progress before they will hop on board. In that, at least, they are perfectly normal.

Savitri Devi once said that she could never love a man who loved her more than he loved his ideals. What makes a man worthy of respect is his ability to look above himself and his personal interests to serve the common good. This is what Evola called Uranian masculinity. The best women respect that. They are right to despise a man who compromises his principles in order to court their favor.

The same principle applies to our movement. Women will become White Nationalism’s most fanatical and devoted supporters once we demonstrate that we are truly able to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. If we neglect that end, soften our message, and split our camp with needless witch-hunts and finger-pointing, all in the name of catering to the ignorant and foolish, the best women will hold us in well-deserved contempt as we listen to the sirens singing our race to its doom.