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Hal Turner & his Handlers

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The article on Hal Turner [2] recently linked on TOQ Online is well worth reading. It is journalism based upon “government documents, e-mails, court records and almost 20 hours of jailhouse interviews with Turner.” A number of federal police officials spoke to the authors off the record as well.

Even so, the article is not old-fashioned, objective, meat and potatoes journalism. Instead, it serves a political purpose: it indirectly mediates a dispute between Jewish organizations and federal police about the details of surveillance and suppression of white speech and activity. Cued-in academic, journalistic, political, and other elite participants are part of the intended audience as well.

The Jewish representatives quoted by The Record express strong reservations about the feds employing someone like Turner, who they view as too ideologically committed despite the harm he eagerly inflicted. The same government-Jewish dialectic surfaced in Germany after it was revealed that the secret police there funded and controlled much of the white opposition.

This problem is peculiar to totalitarian states posturing as liberal democracies. Police states are now so omnipotent—when and where they want to be—that no spontaneous, naturally-occurring opposition can arise, much less flourish and transform society, unless elites approve it. It is this development, coupled with decisive Jewish input into the process, which marks a sharp departure from past tyrannies and renders historical precedents involving most liberation movements marginally relevant at best to the present global demographic crisis of the European people.

Although Turner clearly is no victim in the manner of white dissidents, but an enemy of the people, facts revealed or reiterated here are nonetheless deeply disturbing.

Again the involvement of the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force in monitoring and criminalizing white activity demonstrates the extremist inclinations of the state in “the murky realm of domestic intelligence in the years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.” In an internal memorandum the FBI casually refers to the targets of Turner’s and the agency’s vendetta as “multiple subversive domestic organizations.”

This, plus the fact that the agency “appropriated as much as $100,000 for Turner’s work as an informant” is a chilling reminder of how the most powerful secret police agency on earth regards even the most innocuous white activity. (Turner’s claim that “he was earning about $15,000 a month from his suddenly popular radio show and blog” is patently absurd and should not have been reported with a straight face.)

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the truth is painfully aware of the near-complete absence of opposition to totalitarianism and anti-white racism among white people, and of how powerless and pitiful the targets of FBI and Jewish hate really are. The viciousness inherent in fed statements and the intensity of their persecution reveals a disconnect with reality as profound as Stalin’s obsessions over nonexistent conspiracies and oppositionists.

The power to classify legally-protected, indeed constitutionally-protected, speech and associational activity as “hate,” “racism,” “anti-Semitism” and “terrorism” bodes ill for the future.

Yes, whites—and Arabs and Persians—are the victims now. But, having tasted blood, and finding it sweet, power-hungry oligarchs will rapidly expand their range of operations. More and more ideas and organizations will be classified and proscribed as “hate” and “terrorism.” Many politically correct ideologues and even government officials cheering the brutalization of white dissidents today will eventually be ground up in their own meat grinder.

It is inevitable. History is quite clear on this point.