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Counter-Currents Matching Grant Update 
Trick or Treat?

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Since our last update, we have received $451.93 in additional donations, in increments from $13.60 to $100. Because every donation is matched dollar for dollar up to $6,000, that means that we are $903.86 closer to our goal of $25,000.

When our thermometer is updated, the total will stand at $22,044.86. That means that we are $2,955.14 from our goal. That is an amount that a single donor can cover, if we are lucky enough to find him.

You can donate to CC any time you want, but if you do it before midnight tonight, EST, your gift will be matched.

A friend asked me today: “Is there really a matching grant?” The answer is yes. It is not a trick and much more than a treat. But the offer expires when Halloween comes to an end.

Thanks again for your support.

Greg Johnson