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Tempest in a Sex Pot

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I’m a romantic at heart. Perhaps I’m a liberal and a universalist on some visceral level, because I really do wish for a future in which the Jewish people bury their resentment and become a nation among nations. Fortunately, I have Anne Applebaum and her friends in my RSS feed reader to remind me just how fathomless the organized Jewish community is in its bloodlust, its greed, and its guile. From time to time, I need to be reminded of how deeply these people hate us and how busily these people are at work attacking us.

As a writer for the Washington Post, Slate, and other neocon organs, Applebaum and her husband (the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs) helped drag America into the Iraq War. She and her husband are helping expand our NATO war machine deeper into places we don’t belong with the hope of entangling us in even more wars. She and her husband can’t wait for us to stop dragging our feet and send our soldiers off to die in Iran. She and her husband took a leading role in the global Jewish community’s successful campaign to help the child rapist Roman Polanski evade punishment.

While her Polish husband’s back office orchestrations are what made Polanski’s escape possible, she had the audacity to believe she could convince the American public to sympathize with a man who drugged and raped a child in cold blood [2]. After the comments, surveys, and letters started rolling in, she dropped that angle altogether in favor of a more reliable and effective strategy: changing the subject and waiting for us to get distracted. We did. It worked, as it always works. They waited until the public uproar subsided and quietly turned him loose — with barely any attention in the mainstream press given to this imminently interesting turn of events.

Roman Polanski, Holocaust Survivor...and rapist

Roman Polanski, Holocaust Survivor …and rapist

Therein lies the greatest power the Jewish press wields in America . . . not in outright lies but in subtle matters of emphasis and omission.

Applebaum’s most recent article is as tone deaf to popular taste as her cheer-leading for Polanski. Though, in fairness, championing the cause of women who shove raw meat into their privates [3] and call it “art” is a moral improvement over defending outright rapists. It’s entitled “Putin vs. Pop Culture [4]” and it explains how the Russian punk rock protest group Pussy Riot poses a grave threat to Putin’s “dictatorship.” In her antiquated anti-traditional Old Leftist mind, Madonna’s still relevant, and her gassy tirade in support of Pussy Riot struck terror through the halls of the Kremlin.

But the harshest political statement was on Madonna’s website: “I call on all those who love freedom to condemn this unjust punishment,” the singer declared. “I call on ALL of Russia to let Pussy Riot go free.” A clip from her recent performance in St. Petersburg showed her shouting at the crowd: “We want to fight for the right to be free, to be who we are!”

And of all the publicity that the three women of Pussy Riot have received in the past week, that was by far the most dangerous. Not because Madonna is a serious political figure but because she isn’t.

Madonna’s recent ticket and album sales figures speak for themselves, and France’s Marine Le Pen more succinctly captured the deeper meaning of the Material(-ism) Girl’s bloviation in her response to her photoshopping an image of Le Pen with a swastika [5]: “It’s understandable . . . aging singers who need publicity go to such extremes.” The award for both insight and bite goes to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who tweeted “Every former whore seeks to lecture everyone on morality as she gets older.”

There’s this assumption, a sort of null hypothesis on the part of Anne Applebaum and other older liberals and neocons, that female sexuality always sells, and that the Sexual Revolution they’re the vanguards of will get progressively more raunchy and self-indulgent while the whole world continues clapping along. They don’t seem to understand that it’s getting old, and that younger generations — liberals and conservatives alike — are becoming more irritated by sweaty spectacles of people who had no inhibitions in the first place exposing their genitals to jaded bystanders who are neither scandalized nor aroused. They just want it to stop.

Topless Pussy Riot supporter taking down cross in Kiev

The thing about the sexual appetite is that it’s like any other appetite. Just as food tastes better when you’ve been on a diet, sex is more appealing when the Catholic Church is trying to control it. Back in the ’80s, Madonna was not only much more attractive, but the notion of a Catholic schoolgirl rebelling against the prudish and powerful institution and indulging her sexual appetite was a lot more credible. True to its fundamentally reactive and degenerate nature, the Sexual Revolution still relies on traditional architecture and symbols in virtually all of its performances.

When there’s no chapel left for Madonna to make out with a Black Jesus in, no church left for Lady Gaga to make a mockery of, and no cathedral left for Pussy Riot to vandalize, what do they plan to erect in their place? Nothing, save perhaps for some cold and uninspired government offices with some motivational posters and STD awareness banners. Why? Because the Sexual Revolution is one tentacle of the Jewish Revolution, which is and has been driven by an exclusively resentful and destructive spirit for centuries.

Three punk rockers, members of a band known more for its desire to cause outrage than to make music, surely didn’t look like much of a challenge to the Kremlin. But when one accounts for the vast potential for copycats — the same radical Ukrainian women’s group has recently protested not only in Kiev but also in Minsk and Davos, while others have protested in Marseille and New York — as well as the inevitable eye-catching photos, not just on news pages but also in the entertainment sections, one can see how this story could run and run.

Anne Applebaum is correct when she predicts that the whole world will take notice when an attractive topless woman takes a chainsaw to a religious totem. People will probably pause to glance at the big drawing of a penis [6] on a historic bridge. Millions of people ran to their laptops to download the footage of the sagging, deflated, elderly breast the 50-something Madonna fished out of her costume at her recent concert in Turkey.

But as Anne should have learned from the Polanski affair, not all attention is positive attention. There are limits to the gullibility and sexual depravity of the American people. They’ll pause to rubberneck at the tempest in a teapot the way one help but gawk at a traffic accident, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into support or even fleeting consideration of whatever  message is written on their bare flesh.

I, for one, hope Anne Applebaum, Madonna, and Pussy Riot continue to loudly and proudly desecrate our religious and cultural symbols, flaunt our taboos, and host their orgies in public museums [7]. Symbols can be re-built. Values can be re-asserted. And bystanders can recover from the most gruesome spectacles. The important thing is helping educate the public about what Jewish hegemony and the capitalist reign of quantity portend. Maybe — and perhaps I’m being a hopeless romantic again — our people will start keeping score of many of our projects they’ve perverted and how many of their perverts they’ve promoted.