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EUR Hour  
Communicating with Whites

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In this episode of EUR Hour, Stan Hess discusses:

  • Techniques to open the minds of left-wing Whites to our ideas, including books and movies that make good starting points
  • The “New Economy” in rural White areas
  • The divide and conquer strategy used by the Kosher media to prevent White unity
  • The YouTube video “Generation Identitaire – A Declaration of War”
  • Tecycling the language of the politically correct Kosher media so it advances OUR interests
  • Voting for third parties, and writing in candidates when necessary


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  1. Peter
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    I did a logical analysis of the term “diversity” and came to this result:

    -diversity is a strength when the diverse people WANT to be together
    -diversity is a weakness when the diverse people do NOT WANT to be together; because in this case, it´s not diversity but disunity and that is a serious negative.

    That is: the term “diversity” in itself does not contain the necessary information. The term needs to be specified towards what are the actual circumstances of that diversity: is it a diversity of people who want to be together, or is it a diversity of people who do not want to be together.

    Applied to the US:
    the Whites and the Non-Whites do not want to be together: hence, their diversity is bad.
    Conversely, all different kind of Whites want to be together, hence, their diversity is a good thing.

    the term “diversity” in itself is insufficient and needs to be specified.
    Diversity of people who want to be together is a strenth. Diversity of people who do not want to be together is disunity, i.e. a weakness.

  2. Gregor
    Posted November 12, 2012 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    Stan, as usual, your audio classes are “All Killer, No Filler”.

    I don’t even like to call these podcasts “shows”, even though I find them very entertaining.

    A better name for them would be “classes”, or even “sermons” … sermons which get us on message, a message of …

    The World Eury Liberation Front.

    Sounds a bit like one of those Central American “liberation fronts”, where everyone is depicted wearing berets, camo and carrying an AK-47. But we don’t need the trappings like those guys. We are known by other things. The things we DO with our language, and how we weaponize it so we “gather unto the Thing” our people, in all their DIVERSITY.

    What’s funny about OUR DIVERSITY is that nobody seems to NOTICE it! All the while our enemies talk about there being no such thing as “Whites” or the “White Race”, and point out that we are Irish, German, Italian, Polish, etc. etc., and can’t POSSIBLY be something WHITE … our own people falls for that trick.

    It’s time to put that old toy away, and start SAYING the fact that we, Whites, are DIVERSE: In American, we say the “Diverse White European American PeopleS”, When we emphasize our diversity, we remove the things that separate us, and amalgamate ourselves into a powerful weapon against the anti-Whites.

    DIVERSITY among ourselves is like a network structure. Let them attack us all as “White-(fill in the hate caricature), and we become separate and diverse as a tactical defense. We say we are DIVERSE, and not all the same. When they attack us, we become “Whole” and a stronger front when we note the FACT of our diversity.

    Let’s make DIVERSITY our friend.

    Perhaps this is an example of your suggestion of USING Political Correctness and its terminology for the liberation of our own Peoples from the anti-Whites and their lies.

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