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The Old Order vs. the New Right

Alan Beiler, Black Amish Fugitive920 words

By a quirk of fate, a Black toddler ended up being raised in an Amish community in Lancaster County. A couple decades later, he’s a fugitive leading the cops on high-speed chases, a thorn of deviance in the side of the Amish community’s pathetic Amish Mafia [1]¬†underbelly. ¬†While this stereotypical outcome is even surprising for my White Nationalist self, there’s nothing surprising in the aggregate about the transformation that a community experiences when its innate essence is undermined by integration.

There’s nothing surprising to somebody who’s worldly, anyway. If you’ve diligently purged yourself of Modernity, so diligently that you’ve refused to educate yourself past middle school, refused to exploit technological innovations, and refused to learn about the world beyond your rural farm community, a lot of stuff will come as a surprise to you. As much respect as I have for the Amish folks I grew up around, and as much respect as I have for a hardy tribe of White people in America’s heartland making tremendous sacrifices on behalf of their community and faith . . . they’re doomed.

You can run from Modernity, but you can’t hide. You’ll buy yourself some time, you’ll make yourself a less obvious or appealing target, and you’ll feel like you’re winning for a while. But sooner or later, decadence must be directly confronted. The only way out of Modernity is through it. The difference between retreating from liberalism and defeating it is the cardinal difference between Old Right and New Right.

It’s the difference between an innocent church lady who’s scandalized by and blindly opposed to gays (the decadent identity group du jour) and a person who understands homosexuality in its complete biological, epidemiological, and sociological context, arriving at a response to it which is both principled and successful in its defense of traditional lifestyles, common decency, and public health.

The Amish and most traditionalist ideologues are in the habit of imagining a dichotomy between worldly knowledge and traditional wisdom. This abstract error’s consequences include an outright denial of scientific facts in the form of young earth Creationism, a refusal to leverage technology in defense of traditional lifestyles, antiquarianism, and naive Orientalism. Most insidious, and perhaps most common, is the notion that Tradition belongs in the past rather than the present or the future.

Who typify this misconception more than the Amish? They’re truly backward–historically, politically, socially, and intellectually backward. Their only way forward is into the abyss. One generation’s Amish, the next is Mennonite, and then the next generation are globalists marrying African men or lesbian feminists. They’re utterly defenseless, because to cling to traditional wisdom and discipline without employing knowledge and worldliness in your defense is hopeless. The Amish strategy of evading Modernity is the strategy of the dodo, and it will share the same fate.

Mammy: The First Paleoconservative

Mammy: The First Paleoconservative

The Old Right can only stammer “It ain’t fittin’! It just ain’t fittin!” when confronted with the Left’s latest step in the spiraling descent, because they’ve forgotten the metaphysical foundations of their worldview. These paleoconservatives, religious fundamentalists, antiquarians, and Amish who comprise the last dying enclaves of American conservatism may be closer to the bygone avatars of Tradition, but we’re closer to the next avatar of Tradition.

With each passing election cycle, decade, and generation, America’s paleocons, religious fundamentalists, and antiquarians become less numerous and less relevant. The Amish remain demographically ascendant, but for how long? A handful of mild legal persecutions, demands for more transparency in the wake of trumped up or fabricated allegations of abuse, and efforts at “outreach” will bring the community to its knees at the exact moment the oligarchs decide to harass them rather than humor them.

We can expect America’s last surviving traditional communities to play an even more prominent role in the future as the vanguard of decadence and Modernity. They’ll do so because the final stages of decadence result in a necrosis of the will, selfishness, and lack of discipline which renders one useless for any project. The craven contemporary hipster may embrace diversity in principle, but he’s no match for the Christian fundamentalist whose faith has been transformed into a hideous caricature of its former self. The hipster can only mumble some cliches about human equality and social justice while hypocritically avoiding it at every turn, but the fundamentalist patriarchs and Mormon housewives of the world are applying the fumes of tradition in the service of our murderous Christian Zionist foreign policy, grabbing up AIDS orphans from the darkest corners of the Earth, and suffering through the grave sacrifices and hardships necessary to make alienated global humanism look like it’s working.

We contemporary White Americans who are discovering Radical Traditionalism are in many ways every bit as alienated from Tradition and devoid of authentic spirituality as the indulgent hipsters who surround us. But if we can fully internalize these principles, they’ll strengthen us, sustain us, and propel us to victory. Our worldliness, our familiarity with the modern world, and our technology aren’t vices to purge ourselves of, they’re the very weapons we need to defeat the enemy. If we leverage them to their full potential, we’ll achieve a future so idyllic that future generations could have the opportunity to grow up in an Amish-style Garden of Eden innocent of the knowledge of good and evil.

And it will be our obligation to deprive them of that opportunity for as long as possible, delaying the time when this whole miserable cycle must by necessity play itself out all over again.