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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 29 
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Plato on Courage:
An Introduction to the Laches

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The following lecture is an introductory treatment of Plato’s dialogue Laches. It was given on December 20, 2000, to a circle of friends and students in Atlanta. 

It was the fourth and final lecture in a class called “How to Read a Platonic Dialogue,” in which we covered the Theages, Ion, Hippias Minor, and Laches. The translation from which I read is Plato, The Dialogues of Plato, [4]Volume 3: [4] Ion, Hippias Minor, Laches, Protagoras [4], trans. R. E. Allen (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996).

This lecture was obviously recorded during cold season, but I have done everything I can to edit out the bronchial ward atmosphere. There is a brief gap around 41 minutes where the tape ran out.

If anyone is interested in producing a transcript of this lecture, we will gladly publish it. Ideally, we would like one person to do a draft transcription and then place it online to allow other listeners to offer corrections. Please contact Greg Johnson at mailto://[email protected] [5] before starting work, so we can prevent wasteful duplication of efforts.

Greg Johnson