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The Heimbach Report  
Interview with Scott Terry

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  • The H. L. Mencken Club meeting in November, 2012
  • Secession talk in the aftermath of the reelection of Barack Obama
  • Kinism, Christianity, and the Right
  • The failure of Republicans to represent white interests
  • Opportunties for the growth of the Right



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  1. Ben Ross
    Posted February 14, 2013 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    The Aryan Christ, Aries, the “Lamb of God”, died on the cross to “take away the sin of the world”. That’s it, a done deal. As it was written in the heavens, so it would come to pass on the earth. Except all I hear from Christians is how we must continue to sacrifice ourselves, our will and essence, to the supposed betterment of those who, rightly, despise the disgusting “Christian” pity ethic which underpins such meddling.

    Just a theory, but fast forward 2,000 years and we find ourselves in the midst of the same dark and repulsive force as was then this time shooting for the moon, having upscaled their project to the gradual extermination of the entire Aryan race – so as remove from the world the purity of mind and innocence of heart in Us that so disgusts them and frustrates their diabolical ambitions.

    We are the most beloved of God. We are the light unto the nations. When we realize again who we are.

  2. Posted January 31, 2013 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    “(…) that which in Catholicism has a truly traditional character is not typically Christian and that which in Catholicism is specifically Christian can hardly be considered traditional.”
    Julius Evola (Revolt Against the Modern World)

    If you’re a Christian because of the crusades, chivalry and hard boiled monarchs, you’re practically a pagan.

    Heroism isn’t a Christian value – on the contrary. The basic philosophy of Jesus Christ is of meekness, pacifism and egalitarianism.
    Do I really have to quote the Bible at you?

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