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Movement or “Stuckment”: It’s Up to You

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Back on February 25th, I posted a special fundraising appeal, “Seven Ways You Can Help Counter-Currents [2].” I was delighted that fully a dozen readers responded with donations nearing $2,000, including several people who signed up for or increased monthly pledges. Three readers also offered donations in kind, which are much appreciated. Finally, there seems to be an uptick in our Amazon.com Affiliate commissions. We are most grateful for all these acts of kindness and generosity. It actually looked like we would pull through our current financial crunch.

But just last week, I received news from two of our largest donors, who had pledged in the neighborhood of $18,000 for 2013, that they are unable to continue their support, one for financial reasons and the other for personal reasons. This is a real blow. Not many people can afford to lose an average of $1,500/month, and it is pretty devastating when one is just squeaking by. Thus:

Many people complain that White Nationalism is less a movement than a “stuckment.” (I wanted to smack Matt Parrott for coining that term, but only because it is too true.)

Yet whether we are part of a movement or a stuckment depends in part on you, dear reader. One of the reasons why so many of our enterprises get stuck is they are undercapitalized. They limp along as hobby projects until the idealism sustaining them burns out. Then they disappear.

When Mike Polignano and I started Counter-Currents, we had nothing in the way of financial capital. In fact, we had many thousands of dollars in debts. We did, however, have human capital which we put to work creating Counter-Currents. We still have our debts, but Counter-Currents is at least sustaining us month to month, and even this piddling fact is remarkable by movement standards.

The current setback will slow us down, but it will not stop us. We are bringing in enough in sales and donations to stick around.

Of course, it is dangerous to publish fewer articles and books, because that will lead to fewer readers and purchasers. More donors will lose interest, leading to more cutbacks, which will lead to more losses, etc. An airplane cannot just pause in mid flight. Either it is moving forward — or it is spiraling down.

We will, however, never shut down Counter-Currents, even if we have to downgrade it to being just another hobby project. But we would like to do more. We would like to step over this new impediment without breaking our stride. We would even like to gain momentum.

But that’s up to you. We’re working at full capacity with the resources we have. We need your support to do better. So about those seven ways to help Counter-Currents: Three of them will cost you money, which is our most pressing need at present. Four of them cost you nothing but time.


1. Making a One-Time Donation [3]. If it is important to you for your donation to be deductible from your US Federal income tax, please email me [4] for more details.

2. Signing up for a Monthly Donation [3]

3. Buying Our Books [5] (Yes, some of our regular readers do not buy our books, since they can get most of their contents online for free!)


4. Our Amazon Affiliate Program [6]

5. Remembering Us in Your Will [7]

6. Promoting Our Books and Articles [8]

7. Donations in Kind [9]

For more information on each option, just click the hyperlinks in the list above.

Thank you for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing
& North American New Right

4. Our Amazon Affiliate Program

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Amazon Affiliate links are embedded throughout our articles and reviews. Just about every time you see a hyperlinked book, CD, or movie title, it is an Amazon link. Just click through to Amazon and start filling your cart, and Counter-Currents will receive a percentage just for referring you.

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5. Remembering Us in Your Will

Please consider a bequest to Counter-Currents in your will. All it will cost you is a bit of your time. There are two sorts of bequests that are most helpful to our work: (1) money and (2) items of historical significance to our movement, such as books, papers, etc.

The wording for such a bequest can be quite simple: “I hereby bequeath ___ to Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd., PO Box 22638, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA.”

Or the wording might be something like this: “To further the work of Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd., PO Box 22638, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA, I bequeath the remainder of my estate, free of all death taxes, creditors’ claims and expenses of administration of my estate, for discretionary use in carrying out its aims and purposes.”

Depending on your bequest, your attorney might be able to advise more appropriate wording.

We do not recommend leaving historically significant books and papers to libraries and universities, for the simple reason that libraries are the world’s greatest destroyer of books, particularly politically incorrect books. The most egregious example of this is the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., which, when it received several thousand books from Adolf Hitler’s personal library, kept a book only if they didn’t already have another copy of it. The rest were dumped in bins for used booksellers to rummage through. Any that were left unsold were probably burned or pulped.

University libraries will often preserve rare books and papers, but only at the expense of making it virtually impossible for anyone to read or copy them. For instance, the University of Edinbugh holds the sole manuscript of one of Anthony M. Ludovici’s books, a memoir of his years as a farmer entitled The English Countryside, which Ludovici wished to be published after his death. He even left money in his will to pay for it. But his executors kept the money and gave the manuscript to the university, which refuses to allow anyone to copy it, so this book will never be published and will be read only by a tiny handfull of people.

Counter-Currents is committed to preserving and making historically significant books and papers available to the public, hence we maintain The [10]Savitri Devi Archive [10] and the Anthony M. Ludovici [11] site.

Please contact us [12] if you wish to discuss a bequest.

6. Promoting Our Books and Articles

7. Donations in Kind

There are many ways that you can make donations in kind to Counter-Currents.

The most important donation in kind is to provide new content for the Counter-Currents/NANR webzine by:

Other useful donations in kind include:

Please contact us [12] if you wish to discuss a donation in kind.