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Taking Back May Day

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Anti-White Wendy [1]Matt Heimbach and Scott Terry’s most recent adventure was leading several nationalists in a counter-protest of the degenerate Marxist May Day rally in Washington, D.C. The Marxists threw bags of urine at them, threatened to rape their wives and daughters, set their flags on fire, and barked “Nazi scum, your time will come!” 

Yes. Our time will come.

What agents of decadence never get is that flinging your urine at a principled man does nothing to degrade him. When Jews record in their Talmud that Christ is boiling in excrement for all eternity, or their lackeys insist that Hitler molested his niece with his malformed genitals while instructing her to urinate on him, the mask slips on their own vulgar and resentful motives and mentalities. When Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Pussy Riot hump and squirm around on sacred religious symbols, they’re letting the mask slip on their own reactive and perverted machinations.

Matt Heimbach and Scott Terry were joined by several comrades in this latest skirmish, including multiple young women and some new men prepared to stand firm against a vast marching mob of degenerate dirt bags armed with piss bags. Scott’s passionate and poetic account of the event [2] is an absolute must-read.

In an interview with CNN, Heimbach stated that he came there to represent the blue-collar working class [3] specifically, an important point that deserves emphasis and analysis. Why are these pampered elites, lumpenproles, and foreigners framed in this overarching struggle as the champions of the workers while we’re framed as privileged elites, despite our being quite literally the last and only hope for America’s traditional working class families?

Let's Take May Day Back

Let’s Take May Day Back

While it’s very promising that we did have a presence this year, May Day is a traditional European folk festival to begin with. It’s our day. Furthermore, worker’s issues are our issues. While the Marxists have nothing to show for all their prattle about workers’ this and people’s that, their dozens and dozens of opportunities to apply their rhetoric has left nothing, save for dead and starving workers scattered across dozens of failed states.

Meanwhile, we fascists accomplished a tremendous amount for the workers during our brief time upon the stage. Even kosher historians grudgingly admit that the National Socialist German Worker’s Party’s programs and initiatives revolutionized the daily lives of working families. It was critical in their gaining the loyalty of hardy laborers and apolitical Hausfrauen who were the backbone of that revolution.

In fact, it was so successful that the Germanic and Scandinavian countries quietly removed the nationalism from national socialism after the war and enjoyed several decades of safety, security, and prosperity for working families right up until mass immigration and Jewish subversion demonstrated why there can be no sustainable socialism without nationalism.

I know, I know, we’re not exactly Nazis, and many of us reject the label “fascists.” I get that, and I’m not proposing we put on some SS costumes and start goose stepping toward Washington. But there’s a refreshing clarity to street activism that I suspect men who’ve only considered these issues in safer and more subtle contexts fail to appreciate. When you’re surrounded by barking Jews, rampaging minorities and immigrants, and shrieking feminists goading them on, all those refined angles, abstract quibbles, and logical points about double-standards evaporate away.

Regardless of what you think of Hitler, World War II, or anything else, if you stand for faith and heritage against a representative sampling of the opposition’s street vanguard, you’re a “Nazi.” And I honestly would rather them call me a Nazi than a Republican, a libertarian, a “traditional conservative,” or any other word that strikes laughter and scorn rather than fear and hate into their angry little hearts.

“Fascist” works just as well to frighten our enemies and is more broad. While Nazism belongs to a different nation in a bygone age, fascism is this more abstract label that I’m happy to pin on myself. Dugin may want to set that aside in favor of his “fourth political theory” which is supposedly more global in scope and less supremacist, but it seems like a semantic game to me. After all, any movement which seeks to achieve the bare minimum of what we must achieve is going to be called “fascist,” and I like how the label draws a bright line between ourselves and “conservatives.”

The video features a Black guy [4] who was there in solidarity with them. We all have extensive ties with similar restorationary projects the world over. As a movement, we’ve overwhelming landed on the side of Bashir Assad’s regime in the Middle East, and there’s even work to develop mutually respectful and supportive relationships with Third World movements [5] which share our opposition to Global Jewry, finance capitalism, and degeneracy.

So, to the extent that there were parochial, supremacist, and imperial elements to the 20th century fascist projects, those are not integral to the Traditionalism and defense of family and tribe which are the wellspring of “fascism.” You can cut it down, but fascism can never be permanently uprooted. It’s the political manifestation of the innate will to stewardship, service, and collective pursuit of a more enriched and sustainable human experience.

Next year, and every following year, I hope we can turn out larger and larger crowds not only to oppose the freakshow, but to present a superior alternative. We’re going to win by going back to our fascist roots, pruning them a bit, and presenting a bold alternative to this regime and its lackeys. It will surely scare and confuse the masses who still trust the regime and its experts, but when they truly lose faith in their leaders in the years to come, they’ll give the men they’ve been vilifying this whole time a second look.