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Warehouse Clearance Sale

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an126 [1]Since our mission is to make sure that ideas circulate, not pay to keep them in storage, we are clearing out our storage unit, and that means amazing bargains for our readers.

The Occidental Quarterly

1. We have 150 issues of The Occidental Quarterly, ranging from vol. 6, no. 2 to vol. 10, no. 1. We will sell them in three lots of 50, and we will make every effort to include as great a variety as possible in each box, although some duplication is inevitable. 

We will sell each box for $50 — that’s $1/issue — plus postage. The cost of Media Mail postage in the US per box is $18.


For more information on the contents of these issues, click here [2].

The Lost Philosopher

2. We have a number of cases of Anthony M. Ludovici’s The Lost Philosopher in paperback. Each case contains 32 copies.

We will sell each case for $32 — that’s $1/copy — plus postage. Media Mail postage in the US is $20/box.


For more information on The Lost Philosopher, click here [3].


3. We have 80 copies of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration, mostly from the last 10 years of publication, which we will sell in 4 lots of 20. Again, although duplication is inevitable, we will make sure that each batch contains the maximum variety of copies.

We will sell each set for $40 — that’s $2/issue —  plus postage. Media Mail postage in the US is $4.


For more information about Instauration, click here [4].

* * *

For quotes on overseas postage, contact [email protected] [5].

Whether you want to keep these books and magazines, sell them, give them away, or all three, you are not going to find prices like these ever again. Get them while the getting is good.

Thanks for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson