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Deterring Media Witch Hunts

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finger_pointing_sculpture-255x300 (1) [1]I recommend that all of my readers carefully read through the following article by manosphere writer Roosh: “How to Defeat New York Media Liberals [2].”

Read it with an eye to how we can apply it to mainstream media attacks on White Nationalists in particular (for instance the campaign against Charles Krafft [3] earlier this year) and on whites in general who are singled out for destruction for politically incorrect ideas. 

It strikes me that to implement Roosh-style campaigns, we need to have a circle of blogs and webzines that cooperate with one another.

Whenever someone is targeted for destruction for healthy ideas, we need to find the name of the person behind the attack. If said person is an economically vulnerable, underemployed twenty-something nitwit trying to make a name for herself by playing Witchfinder General, our best polemicists need to craft brief, witty, devastating profiles chock full of reputation-damaging truths that will appear on the first page of Google results every time said author’s résumé crosses the desk of some risk-averse corporate Human Resources airhead. In today’s job market, any form of controversy — even controversy courted in the name of the Holy Church of Political Correctness — is a disadvantage, as there are countless equally politically correct candidates with no negative Google results.

But to make sure that such hit pieces rise to the top of Google searches, we need a whole circle of bloggers who make a point of reprinting and linking such pieces. Such reposting and linking happens already, but we need to prioritize it. For purveyors of “virulent” ideas, we are rather slapdash at making them genuinely go viral.

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