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From the Editor: 
The Lightning & the Sun & Other Matters

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Some concerned readers have been asking the same questions, and although they are not yet “frequently asked,” I still thought it best to answer them all at once in a single post.

1. What has happened to The Lightning and the Sun?  

I have pushed the release date back a second time to December 21, 2013. The reason for this is simple. I was hoping that we would have enough pre-orders to pay for a single, high-quality print run with the same printer who did the hardcover and paperback editions of Gold in the Furnace and Defiance.

So far — and much to my surprise — we have only had 30-odd pre-orders, which will not cover the large deposit we need to put down. So I have decided to give it one more month, and if I do not get sufficient pre-orders, I will just do a print-on-demand edition with the same printer that did Forever and Ever and Counter-Currents’ other titles.

Back in 2010, a generous National Socialist gave $1,000 to help editorial work on The Lightning and the Sun. To thank him, we are planning to have a unique slipcased version of The Lightning and the Sun made for him. (I wish I could have it bound in leather, but of course Savitri would not be amused.) We plan to make several more of these books for friends of the Savitri Devi Archive. If anyone else is interested in such a very limited edition (no more than eight or ten copies), please write to me at [email protected] [2]. This could quite easily fund the printing of the limited edition as well as a good large run of high-quality trade paperbacks.

photo-savitri28 [3]2. Who won The Lightning and the Sun cover contest?

The contest was won by Matt Koehl of The New Order [4], who provided us with a very high-quality scan of the most famous photograph of Savitri. We decided on this image because it is in keeping with the covers of the earlier volumes of the Centennial Edition. A basic mockup of the new cover is above, but the image and design will be refined.

3. What happened to the Counter-Currents Newsletter?

I no longer have a webmaster, one consequence of which is that I no longer have access to usable traffic statistics which were the core of our newletter. When I have usable statistics again, I will restart the Newsletter.

4. What happened to the Counter-Currents podcasts?

I lack the technical skills (specifically connected to the dubbing, sound-processing, and editing of my old taped lectures), and I currently do not have somebody to help me. When either of those circumstances changes, we will do podcasts again. Eventually, I will learn how to do podcasts myself, but my plate is simply too full now.

5. Why not just get a new webmaster?

A webmaster has to have more than the necessary skills. I also have to know and trust him. There are a few people who fit both descriptions, but currently none are available. When that changes, I will be able to fix a lot of things that have stopped working, including the statistics and podcasts.

6. You have not been writing much recently. What is going on with Counter-Currents?

I have not been able to write much recently because my mental energy has been focused on three things: (1) taxes and accounting; (2) organizing and executing a recent Counter-Currents “real world” gathering; and (3) editing a number of books as well as North American New Right, vol. 2. Now that the first two projects are behind me, I hope I will be able to write more, but I am still struggling to take on many of Mike Polignano’s tasks.

7. Will Counter-Currents continue? 

Yes, of course. I will be doing this for the rest of my life, in one form or another. The best is yet to come.

Thank you for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson