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The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser 
The Five Pillars of White Nationalism
& a New Matching Grant

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Counter-Currents has received another $2,000 matching grant. That means that the next $2,000 donated will be doubled!

Since our last update [2], we have received five new donations totaling $255. That means that our total so far is $23,959.30. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by October 31, so we are $26,040.70 away from our goal — almost half way there. Again, I want to thank all of our donors for their generous support.

Jef Costello’s heartfelt appeal and generous matching grant have both been inspirations. Kerry Bolton, Andrew Hamilton, and Juleigh Howard-Hobson have also penned their appeals. In the coming weeks, we will hear from Gregory Hood, John Morgan, Ingrid Zündel, Tito Perdue, and others.

Jef’s matching grant has also inspired another long-time Counter-Currents supporter to offer a $2,000 matching grant. This donor is particularly interested in encouraging work on The White Nationalist Manifesto, which I will write in 2014.

Translating Maurice Bardèche’s Qu’est-ce que le fascisme? (What is Fascism? [3]) has inspired new thinking about this project. Even cartoons like the one above are useful for focusing on the essentials of what we are trying to communicate. What are the five pillars of White Nationalism?

1. Coolness: If the Left is characterized by hysteria, particularly moral hysteria, White Nationalism is characterized by coolness, in several senses of the word. First, we have cool heads. We can think things through rationally, calmly, collectedly. Second, we are cool in the sense that we are independent and aloof from the crowd; we’re rebels and non-conformists. We are immune to groupthink, dogma, and moral hysteria, which have massive components of fearful social conformism. What we think about the world and ourselves is determined by reality, not other people.

2. Realism: If the Left is characterized by denial of reality, White Nationalism is characterized by realism. They are, in a word, liars, while we are truth-tellers. We are realists about the races and the sexes: they are different, and justice and peace require that they be treated differently. Thus we are realists about equality: people are not equal, and only equals should be treated equally. Equality isn’t even an ideal for us, because ideals also have to be realistic, i.e., based upon reality and capable of taking on reality. We are realists about multiculturalism and multiracialism: they are recipes for hatred and bloodshed. We are realists about conflict and war: they cannot be eliminated without eliminating diversity, but they can be mitigated by giving different peoples homogeneous homelands of their own.

3. Free Thought: Because the Left is characterized by the denial of reality, i.e., lies, it also has to be characterized by thought control. White Nationalists arrive at our worldview not out of “ignorance”–which is what liberals call resistance to thought control and lies–but out of being unusually inquisitive and honest. We are free thinkers.

But does that mean we are liberals? I hope not. A society that is not founded on lies does not need to control thought. But if we manage to save our race, it will be establishing the hegemony [4] of White Nationalist ideas throughout the culture. I hope that our people will never be so foolish as to allow the falsehoods that are killing us to ever take root again in our culture and educational system out of a foolish “tolerance” for liars who must and will practice intolerance against us.

4. Truth-Telling: Name-calling is just one way that the Left stifles free thought and free speech. As one of our videos of the day [5] amusing illustrates, when name-calling fails to work, they start chanting slogans. It’s what you have to do when truth is not on your side. Truth is on our side. That is why truth-telling should be our first and last line of defense. This is one reason why we need to completely break with conservatives, “mainstreamers,” “implicit whiteness” types, and other game-players, for whom lying is always the first and final instinct. None of their lies and cutesie angles ever fool the enemy, not for one second. The only people they deceive are whites, who end up wasting their time, energy, idealism, and money on non-solutions. The hour is too late for any more such foolishness.

5. Rejection of Guilt: The nicest thing I can say about most Leftists is that, when it comes to their professed ideals, they are hypocrites: when you look at their families, friends, neighborhoods, and schools, they obviously don’t believe in diversity or equality. I don’t condemn liberal hypocrisy; I don’t complain about liberal hypocrisy; I don’t accuse them of being “the real racists”; I applaud liberal hypocrisy, because I reject liberalism, and it is heartening to see liberals rejecting it too. Liberals do project their guilt on others. White Nationalists reject that guilt, because we reject the underlying moral code that generates it: we reject equality and diversity as goods, so we are not guilty about living accordingly. We also reject collective guilt for the spurious or real crimes and mistakes of other whites. Finally, not only do we reject white guilt, we embrace white pride [6]. For the truth is that whites, as a race, have much to be immodest about.

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