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The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser 
Final Report & a New Beginning

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The Great Pumpkin turned out to be just a beagle after all.

Since our last update, we received six new donations totaling $280, for which we wish to thank each and every donor. That means that our total was $38,199.29, which is $11,800.71 short of our goal of $50,000. 

I won’t hide my disappointment, particularly since I am primarily disappointed with myself: Looking back at last year’s fundraiser, I realize that I was much more on top of things than I was this year: more updates, more personal appeals, more donation incentives, etc. Now that Counter-Currents is a one man operation, I am spread somewhat thin. Added to which is the fact that I also put on a major Counter-Currents gathering in October, whereas last year we did it in August. When setting this year’s goal, I also hoped that we would have the benefits of a tax-exempt foundation to encourage more donors. All considered, next time, I will do things a little differently.

But this does not mean I am abandoning my goal just because of an arbitrary deadline — a deadline that I set. I am just setting a new deadline, for the end of the year. The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser is over. The Counter-Currents 2013 Fall Fundraiser has just begun. When impediments are put in your path — even self-imposed impediments — you just have to step over them and move on. The Stuggle Continues.

Two New Incentives to Give

Yesterday, I was unpacking a couple of boxes that have been sealed since I moved in 2009. In one of them, I found one of the limited edition hardcovers of the first edition of Savitri Devi’s And Time Rolls On: The Savitri Devi Interviews (Black Sun Books, 2005) (#153). I also found a copy of the hardcover edition of Gold In The Furnace: Experiences in Post-War Germany (The Savitri Devi Archive, 2006). This is not a numbered copy, but it can be personalized by the editor to the purchaser. I will give each book for a donation of $300.

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