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Kevin MacDonald on Wilmot Robertson

FranzBoas24:17 / 67 words

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This brief talk on Wilmot Robertson was given at a Counter-Currents gathering in 2013. The first few words, to the effect of “I had not read . . .” were unfortunately cut off. I also included some discussion of Franz Boas, who is pictured above.



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  1. anotherAnonWhite
    Posted December 24, 2013 at 9:08 pm | Permalink


    VERY intriguing last remark about (your own?) encounter late in his life with Wilmot Robertson. I wonder if he expanded upon this notion of the necessity for racially-aware whites of a mode of social organization analogous to Freemasonry? Or did he leave it to us to work out the implications?

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  • By In Memoriam: Wilmot Robertson - Social Matter on June 2, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    […] Kevin MacDonald, F. Roger Devlin, and the editors of The Occidental Quarterly have all written impressive praises of the man, but Robertson’s work speaks for itself—specifically one of the most impressive chapters in his seminal work Dispossessed Majority, “The Dissolution of Art.” Robertson wrote well on just about every topic conceivable, but his sharp mind shone brightest when examining the intertwined topics of art, culture, and taste – topics too often overlooked by American racialists, since mustering sophisticated philosophical defenses of western aesthetics is surprisingly difficult. Deconstruction of the western aesthetic and replacement with postmodernism et al. isn’t ‘art,’ is absurd, disgusting, etc. But is there anything more than that? […]

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