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Front National, #1 Party in France

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Marine-Le-Pen [1]It is with great pleasure that I report to you that the Front National is the #1 Party in France with 25% voting to send them to the EU Parliament. The system has been shocked awake by this enormously important development. A weekly news magazine similar to Time Magazine wrote:

. . . one can’t read 25% for the Front National without shining a light on mass immigration, which has transformed a population which has not been consulted on the subject . . . if neither the Left nor the Right propose anything to be done about this problem, if the Left and the Right pretend the problem does not exist, or worse, if they accuse anyone who says there is a problem of racism or other crimes, the People, desiring a France that remains France, will make themselves heard, and this desire to continue to exist is not a crime in itself.  — Le Point

In this article I will both discuss the importance of constitutional arrangements in allowing a voice for White Nationalists to arrive in the halls of power, to discuss the tensions within the Party between “Souverainistes” who are mostly focused on the EU and Identitarians who are focused on securing the White Homeland. Finally I hope this article will shed light on a winning strategy and inspire readers to act within the context of their own country.

Calling for Proportional Representation

When Marine Le Pen led her party to a historic victory this past weekend, her first communication to the press was that the Parliament has completely lost its legitimacy since the governing Socialist party won only 13% of support. She demanded the return of proportional representation for the lower house of Parliament, which, if it occurred, would make it impossible for the Socialist-Left Coalition or the UMP to govern alone. They would either need to govern with a grand center-left/center-right coalition or by inviting the FN into a coalition government.

In the 1980s President Mitterrand, the first Socialist President of the Fifth Republic made the constitutional change to have a Parliament with proportional representation of parties. This was a clever move to divide the right and prevent their return to power, which worked as long as he was President. During this period the FN was well represented in the Parliament. (This may be unrelated, but Mitterrand let in fewer immigrants than both his successors despite his “anti-Racist” words.)

Under President Chirac, the Parliament was returned to a system of Majority Representation based in demarcated constituencies. With this change, Chirac and the UMP eliminated the presence of the FN in the Parliament. It was not until the last election that the FN sent only 3 MPs to the General Assembly.

Fighting for the Soul of the Party

Nouvel Observateur, which is no friend of Identitarians or any other nationalists, has written that there is a battle for the leadership of the youth wing of the Front National between anti-EU elements and anti-immigration elements. The favorite for the leadership spot is a protégé of the FN Vice President, Florian Phillipot, who fall into the anti-EU wing which is more bourgeois and linked with elite universities despite the fact that the vast majority of the youth wing are driven to act by the desire for a new Reconquista against the invaders of Our Homeland.

I must say that Florian Phillipot has recruited many Identitarians to run in the mayoral elections and has defended their inclusion against media attempts to place Identitarians on the margins of politics. I do not know what to make of these claims, but Identitarians must be vigilant against any attempt to exploit their energy and creativity while subverting their political desires.

For this reason, the Identitarians should never accept to enter into a FN umbrella (which is not being proposed anyway) but should at the same time seek to shape the FN through individual Identitarians joining its ranks. This tactic was developed by Trotskyites in France and is known as entryism.

Consider this: there is no country more ripe for Our Comrades to win than Greece. However in Greece, there seems to be a very low ceiling of 12% that the Golden Dawn can expect. The Golden Dawn is as pure as they get in representing our views (with the exception of bad feelings toward their Slavic neighbors in Macedonia). I am not an expert in Greek Politics, but I do think that a party free from a history of corruption and support for EU-imposed austerity could do much better in Greece on a Euro-skeptic/anti-immigration platform if that party had a more broadly appealing image, discourse, and platform. However, I would not want to sacrifice what is probably the best Fourth Generation Warfare organization in Europe.

To think that there are only two archetypes for parties, the overly diluted UKIP type and the unpopularly militant Golden Dawn type, ignores the broader ecosystem in which political systems exist.

There is cause for hope that the right balance will be found in France: a party capable of winning at the ballot box which is kept honest by a critical mass of activists within it, who utilize the resources of an outside purist organization that provides its members with ideological education, leadership development, strategic organizing (for entrysim), and fellowship. This outside organization also works to push mass culture and public debate beyond the acceptable margins and attracts new members through spectacular acts of nonviolent defiance against the New World Order (McWorld) and the Invasion it facilitates.

Finding the Right General and the Right Strategy for Our Struggle

This brings us to the ever-recurring issue of the naysayers who praise Jean-Marie Le Pen and criticize Marine Le Pen because he was a true nationalist, and she is not. (A bizarre stance considering that neither has had the chance to govern.) The only measure with which to judge them so far is their ability to take power.

In my view their approaches are best summed up by two Chinese strategists: “The general, unable to control his irritation, will launch his men to assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain, while the town still remains untaken. Such are the disastrous effects of the siege. Therefore, the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War 3:5-6).

The city walls around the System we attack is clearly the media. To continue to attack them in the way of Jean-Marie Le Pen may be gratifying, but is to attack their strongest point.

A better approach is that of Mao: “when you want to fight us, we don’t let you and you can’t find us. But when we want to fight you, we make sure you can’t get away and we hit you squarely . . . and wipe you out . . . the enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue.”

Now, what must be done to be the cunning guerrilla rather than the irritable general? To win we need both a pragmatic Vanguard Party and a committed core of activists pushing the population and media, with enough breathing room to not disrupt each other’s efforts.

Ask yourself, what kind of tactics we might pursue that the establishment would be most comfortable defending against? Where are their defenses strongest? Where are they weakest? Let me be very direct . . . those blunt, literalist men who are not cunning, agile, or subtle are only useful to our struggle insofar as they can loyally follow the orders of those who are.

A Motivated Minority, Some Encouragement for American Readers

It is clear that the US constitution was created to push political urges to the center and make it almost impossible for marginal positions to gain a foothold. However, in these European Elections, 44% voter participation and a 25% FN victory means that only about 10% of the total electorate brought about this rupture in the European political landscape.

Turning our gaze to the youth of America we see in a recent MTV poll [2] 41% of white millennials thought “the government pays too much attention to the problems of racial minority groups” and 48% believe that “racism against Whites is as big a problem as racism against Minorities.” A similar study by the Public Religion Research Institute in 2012 found 58% to feel that Anti-White Racism is a problem. In another poll [3] 11% of Whites of all ages found that Racism against Whites is a “very serious” problem and that racism against Blacks was “not a problem.”

In terms of racial and political consciousness, the white population of the US is not far from the where the French people find themselves today. The next step for Americans is to create a public discourse about Anti-White Racism. It is up to the activists reading the site to craft a message that addresses these concerns and a realistic vehicle for reaching the public. The participation rate in US elections is less than 40% in non-presidential years, and when municipal elections are held on their own, the participation rate can be below 10%.

White Nationalists are very few, but with fresh thinking and even more action, we could be a decade away from a renaissance of white consciousness in the US as well. Of course politics is not the only vehicle for the kind of change we hope to see. Building alternative infrastructure for social support and creating a counter culture is also a priority. Americans, since the time of Tocqueville, have been better at this than any other society in the world. It is time for the White Nationalists to do at least as well as the Evangelicals at continuing this tradition.