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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 103 
Greg Johnson & Patrick Le Brun
Career Advice for Young White Men

62:29 / 426 words [1]

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Greg Johnson and Patrick Le Brun discuss Patrick’s Counter-Currents article “Career Advice for Young White Men [4].” Topics include:

  1. How to tell if you are in a dead-end job.
  2. Jobs in which you make decisions vs. jobs in which you implement other people’s decisions
  3. White collar and pink collar jobs
  4. Common mistakes people are making in their jobs today
  5. The importance of continually networking
  6. The importance of searching for better jobs while you are still employed
  7. The importance of simply asking authorities to share their knowledge
  8. Everybody’s favorite subject: himself
  9. The importance of passion, commitment, and “fit” in determining success
  10. Greg Johnson’s “On Potential [5]
  11. The necessity of self-actualization
  12. The importance of emotional intelligence
  13. The abundance vs. scarcity mentality
  14. Patrick’s recommended self-help books: How To Win Friends and Influence People [6] by Dale Carnegie and The 48 Laws of Power [7] by Robert Greene
  15. Greg’s self-help recommendations: Balthasar Gracian’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom [8], and two TV shows Yes, Minister [9], and Yes, Prime Minister [10] (The Complete Yes Minister [11])
  16. Lying to Human Resources people
  17. Why one should not mix work and politics
  18. The difference between the bourgeois and the heroic type
  19. Why heroes need to be smart and disciplined as well as brave and self-sacrificing
  20. Safe jobs for explicit White Nationalists (see below)
  21. The necessity of white tribalism
  22. Tribalism requires discrimination and discipline.
  23. Why it is possible to do well even in a bad society
  24. Why it is a moral duty for White Nationalists to do well

We ran into technical problems doing this podcast. For some reason, portions of our conversation were not recorded. So we re-recorded the whole discussion, and discovered again that portions were not saved. So the present podcast is spliced together from the two recordings. Unfortunately, Patrick’s discussion of three kinds of safe jobs was truncated during number three. The full list from his article is:

  1. Business to client one-time interaction services such as IT help or electricians
  2. Union jobs, particularly if the member can leave his politics at the door and the union has negotiated a very complicated process to fire an employee in their contract.
  3. Business to business with politically incorrect clients is always helpful, but this requires very high levels of competency in arcane areas and very strong relationships with clients.
  4. Owning the production of commoditized goods (wheat, gravel) is only open to the wealthy, but in commoditized, unconsolidated industries, boycotts do not work.