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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 105
Jonathan Bowden on Maurice Cowling

Cowling_Maurice [1]59:07 / 162 words

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This is Jonathan Bowden’s lecture on the conservative historian Maurice Cowling (1926–2005) of Cambridge University, the author of Mill and Liberalism [4], The Impact of Hitler: British Politics and British Policy, 1933-1940 [5], The Nature and Limits of Political Science [6], Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England (3 vols.) [7], and many other works.

This is a very interesting lecture. Unfortunately, the sound quality of this recording is terrible. I have done my best to improve the sound, but it is still pretty rough. I will have the lecture professionally transcribed, which is the only way most people will “hear” it. (Please donate [8] to help cover the cost.)

I do not have information on the date and location of the lecture. If any readers know, please leave the information in a comment below.

Greg Johnson