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Limited Hardcover Edition of The Lightning & the Sun Now in Print

The Lightning and the Sun [1]306 words

On September 18, 2015, I received the long-awaited limited hardcover edition (200 numbered copies) of Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun, complete and unabridged with an extensive index. (See Christopher Pankhurst’s review here [2].) The books turned out beautiful, fully comparable in quality to the limited editions of Defiance and Gold in the Furnace.

Over the next few days, I put nearly 150 pre-ordered copies in the mail. I have been hearing back from satisfied book lovers all over the globe.

The only copies that have not been mailed are:

  1. Those going to addresses I could not confirm. I emailed all customers for their updated address information, because about 1 in 20 Paypal customers have the wrong addresses on their accounts. If you have not heard from me, please check your spam filters or the email account connected to your Paypal account.
  2. Free copies for people who helped me with the production of the book — simply because I ran out of time, due to an upcoming trip.

On September 23rd, I flew to Europe on another “listening tour.” I will return to the US on October 15th. At that point, I will mail out new orders, complimentary copies, and a few pre-orders from people who had not updated their addresses by the time of my departure.

You can order your copy of the limited edition here [3], but do so quickly, because it really is limited. Again, new orders will ship after October 15th.

For all those who helped me with the production of the book and who pre-ordered copies: thank you for your patience with this long process.

It has taught me a lesson. I am not going to set a release date for the next Savitri Devi title until I actually have the books in my possession. But I can tell you that title will be Pilgrimage.

Greg Johnson