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British Roots of the New Right

145 words Standardbearers [1]

Standardbearers: British Roots of the New Right [2]
Ed. Jonathan Bowden, Eddy Butler, and Adrian Davies
Foreword by Antony Flew
Beckenham, Kent: The Bloomsbury Forum, 1999
190 pages

Paperback: $17 [2]

Standardbearers seeks to root the contemporary New Right in the British past by collecting 20 essays by 15 authors on British figures of enduring Right-wing significance. See Margot Metroland’s review, “The Search for a Usable Past,” here [3].


Chapter 1–Henty (Eddy Butler)
Chapter 2–Penney (Mike Oldsea)
Chapter 3–Buchan (William King)
Chapter 4–Disraeli (Eddy Butler)
Chapter 5–Burke (Ralph Harrison)
Chapter 6–Wilson (Adrian Davies)
Chapter 7–Blatchford (David Reynolds)
Chapter 8–Bonar Law (Adrian Davies)
Chapter 9–Belloc (Jeremiah Wilkes)
Chapter 10–Carson (Ralph Harrison)
Chapter 11–Chesterton (Jeremiah Wilkes)
Chapter 12–Chamberlain (Adrian Davies)
Chapter 13–Bax (Peter Gibbs)
Chapter 14–Powell (Sam Swerling)
Chapter 15–Morris (Tom Garforth)
Chapter 16–Johnson (Derek Turner)
Chapter 17–Palmerston (Steve Smith)
Chapter 18–Keynes (Mike Oldsea)
Chapter 19–Salisbury (Steve Smith)
Chapter 20–Hopkins (Jonathan Bowden)

Paperback: $17 [2]