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Honoring Pentti Linkola

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Finnish “eco-fascist” Pentti Linkola turns 83 today. Along with Savitri Devi, Linkola is one of the few figures in the post-War ecological movement to take openly Right-wing positions, rejecting liberal egalitarianism and democracy and advocating eugenics.

To learn more about Linkola’s life, work, and relevance to the New Right, I recommend you read his book Can Life Prevail? A Radical Approach to the Environmental Crisis, trans. Eetu Rautio and Olli S. (London: Arktos, 2009).

I also recommend the following works on this site:

By Linkola

  1. Bull’s Eye” (on 9/11)
  2. Citations choisies” (in French)
  3. Humanflood

About Linkola

  1. Diord Fionn, “Pentti Linkola’s Can Life Prevail?
  2. Derek Hawthorne, “In Praise of Pentti Linkola
  3. Greg Johnson, Interview on Eco-Fascism (Translations: Czech, French)

Finally, I recommend “The Ecosins of Pentti Linkola,” a short documentary/interview on YouTube which has English subtitles.



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  1. Jarl A. Nicholl
    Posted December 7, 2015 at 9:12 pm | Permalink

    I can’t really get behind a guy who writes “Although human mass deaths are always a positive occurrence in the light of the population explosion…” or see what he has to offer the right. That piece about 911 is striking in its nouvelle droit-ish “better X than Y” rhetoric (evoking what Benoist said about Stalinism versus le hamburger. A genuine rightist would take sides, not assume what is essentially an effete liberal attitude of detachment and acquiescence in the murder of (predominantly) White people who, after all, are not reproducing in sufficient numbers.

    To make this concrete and up-to-date, Trump is now all but saying he will close Mosques; Linkola probably would want Islam to take over the West so technological civilisation can regress.

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