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Donald & Us

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TrumpRabbit [1]Donald Trump’s master strategy is such a perfect response to the Current Year that was, and the Current Current Year, that the man is either a genius, a savant, or someone anointed by the Gods to wreak havoc on the folly of humankind. The Donald has armored himself in a sort of ideological invulnerability that comes from strategizing on a primal level, and this makes him unassailable, even as it arouses the most visceral hatred and bile from his enemies.

Commonly, Trump is either “a racist,” “a xenophobe,” or a garden-variety “asshole,” “bigot,” and so on. To the press he is much, much worse: the WaPo laments in “The Moment of Truth: We Must Stop Trump [2]” that “Watching Donald Trump’s rise. . . . I now understand how Hitler could have come to power in Germany.” He “broadcasts incendiary and foul ideas.” The Telegraph in the UK has a “Who Said It: DT or AH?” quiz. CNN’s Sally (((Kohn))) say’s “there’s a word for [Trump Supporters] . . . It’s fascism” and drops the “Hitler was elected” H-bomb, and that’s just the first page of Google results.

They’ve lined up all their best Hitler Comparison Artillery and have been pounding away; but we’ll see who can pound longest. Peak oil doomer James Howard Kunstler gave me the inspiration for this article with his absolutely laughable hyperbole [3]: “As for Mr. Trump, he remains what I said at the campaign’s outset: worse than Hitler, lacking the brains, charm, and savoir faire of the Ol’ Fuhrer, and with his darkness even more plainly visible.” Were it not so absurd, this would be really gripping stuff; real boys-own adventure story material for young American patriots to nourish themselves on.

Trump is a “master troll” triggering the enemy with increasingly outrageous displays of male independence and power. The more intense the hysteria he evokes in white liberals, Jews, and shills by stoking their resentment, the more he reinforces the image of himself as the man-who-can, the authentic choice, and the only one running on the ticket of Patriarchal Statesmanship.

The feud of Donald and Jeb! has been the defining narrative of the Republican race. On one hand, a dynastic cuck who offers “conservative solutions,” plastic turtles, and televised exasperation that he is being “demonized.” On the other, a self-made billionaire who has pledged himself to the NEETs and blue collars; who talks, talks big, and talks loud; and can point to his own organization as proof of his ability to deliver.

Going into South Carolina — a state where George Bush has enduring popularity and the decision to remove Saddam is widely supported — Trump declared the Iraq war a “big, fat mistake.” He then turned to the rest of the runners and gestured “Come at me, Bro.” This was a ballsy move but an essential part of the Donald Dynamic. Even when taking a position that voters would strongly disagree with, by doing so from a position of both sincerity and fact, Trump showed he is willing to stake his political life on his integrity. The gamble was that voters — even in disagreement — would reward the credibility this bought, and it paid off. Rolling Stone comments that Trump won big with voters looking for “much needed change,” but Cruz and Rubio won for having “shared values” and being “electable,” which signifies a crucial distinction in voter mentality.

For all Trump’s continual appeal to the buried racial instincts of despondent white Americans, he is still a civic and economic nationalist, and his centrist positions simply don’t warrant the outpouring of frankly insane rhetoric from all the bile-secreting organs. Trump has his own political correctness, whereby he places Negroes in his campaign adverts front and center when they align with his causes. He treads extremely carefully around language that could be construed as racially charged or insulting. His focus is on the rule of law and prosperity. So while UKIP and Front National could plausibly be described as inheriting BNP or anti-Semitic votes, the frothing psychopathy and “Nazi” slurs thrown at Trump don’t hold up and are purely emotional.

Trump’s insistence that he would “Make America Great Again” recognizes that America is no longer Great — no longer “winning” —  and Trump stops just short of saying that America is as pozzed as Charlie Sheen. While not rejecting egalitarian ideology directly, Trump’s trump card is that he subjugates a concern for ideology to the facts of Realpolitik. Trump’s democratic success undermines the social hierarchy based on humanitarian moral signalling and the humanistic pretense that the welfare/warfare state rests on.

Those who are alert to imminent social collapse and Third World colonization are avid Trump supporters. His macho charisma and alpha male qualities activate the survival instincts of white Americans who feel completely ensnared by modernity and who want to circle the wagons, load their muskets, and keep what precious little they have left safe from illegal aliens and terrorists pouring across the border. Trump’s supporters have a reputation for being aggressive and “passionate.” No doubt. Their survival instincts are screaming at them that Trump is the man they need to build the wall and protect us all. In contrast, those with threat blindness, or who are safely insulated from Third World colonization and increasing diversity, remain concerned about moral fluff, social appearances, and “fairness” — just like a great many Evangelical rubes who voted for Cruz based on some codswallop about abortions, an entirely sideline issue to the demographic survival of white Americans and the low-level ethnic warfare in “Amexica.”

Every vote for Trump endorses the idea that there are bad people who are dangerous, that walls are necessary, and most importantly, that egalitarianism has to be subject to the laws of nature like everything else. Jeb Bush’s concern about the “moderate opposition” (read: “our terrorists”) in Syria is a “humanrightsitude” that a neocon would trot out in order to drum up some veneer of legitimacy for another illegal war. Trump’s insistence that he would look a Syrian child in the eye and say, “You can’t come here” is another prepper who would crawl through broken glass and barbed wire to press the voting button for Trump.

Trump reigns-in the wild insanity of utopian humanism. The AngloZionist empire has defined itself upon Human Rights and egalitarian doctrine. The very legal definition of an “American” is propositional, and both Britain and France define themselves only as state entities that uphold “Democratic Values.” Should Trump surf the Kali Yuga all the way into the White House, then that slavish devotion to egalitarianism would be inverted. The rule of law and propositions about “rights” would once again be subordinated to the goals of national security and prosperity, as Trump says, of us “having a great life all together.”

The slow motion extermination of Europe through dissolution into a ocean of dirt would lose American backing and American political leadership. Washington would likely retreat into fortified isolationism, and the world over, liberal democracies of whites would be left staring at their hands and having to face the question that if adherence to egalitarianism doesn’t define them, then what does? What shapes and makes them a nation and what conditions must be met for citizenship, beyond a vague allegiance to “democratic values”?

Trump’s detractors sense that the gravy train of gaining money, status, and legal privileges through egalitarian oneupmanship is about to come to an end, because by electing Trump, Americans are sending a message that they will no longer pay or bleed for such self-indulgence. This election is so gritty, so tense, so able to convulse the body of the nation because ethno-tribal identity is like a boomerang: the harder you throw it from you, the more violently it returns.